Tuesdays With Jena: Meet Beacon Book Box!

Good morning!!! Yesterday was gloomy and stormy and today carries the remnants of said gloom. In other words, it’s glorious! Hot, but gloomy. Find the silver lining, right?!

Today’s featured account is a little bit different than the accounts I’ve interviewed before. I met the wonderful people behind @beaconbookbox at BookCon and knew I HAD to have them on my blog! There are a lot of book boxes out there, BUT, there is only ONE run by this awesome family!


📷: @beaconbookbox

Family owned and operated is only one part of their story though. The passion and drive behind this book box is Cam. Just fifteen years old, he juggles being a business owner with the demands of completing his homework and attending High School. And he succeeds! Most days I can barely manage to apply mascara or wear real pants, so this guy is seriously my new hero!

Their enthusiasm is contagious and after one conversation, I promise, you’ll all be swooning for this business too! Especially when you see their August theme AND their newest special edition box.

Without further ado, let’s get chatting!

Tell me your story…. How was Beacon Book Box born?

I read a lot and I saw some of these subscription boxes and thought what an amazing idea.  I thought “I could do that” so I went to my parents and they asked me to put a business plan together and present it to them with what I was thinking.  It took a few months of convincing and me finally putting everything together but in the end, they agreed and we starting working in the beginning of December and our first box went out February 11th. 

I’d like to talk about the launch. How was getting the first box put together?

It was stressful but fun.  Lol  We really jumped in quite quick and were very excited to get a feel for the process.  It was a great learning experience for us to get it under our feet.


📷: @thebookists

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Reaching the mass audiences.  There are so many good, fun subscription boxes out there and we are just trying to play in the same arena as them.  Getting our name and who we are and what we represent is one challenge.  The other big one is getting a volume discount on items.  We are not doing thousands of boxes a month (yet), so our price is much higher for a product than some of the big players in the YA arena.  This is what makes it tough to include more than 3-5 items in each box as the price of these items for us right now are much higher than other boxes.

Biggest surprise?

The support and kind people in the Bookstagram community.  Even the other subscription box companies, they are supportive and very nice to us.  They accepted us from day one and we grow in followers and friends every day.


📷: @beaconbookbox

Let’s talk goals. Where do you want to be in one year? Five years?

Make some money for college and pay mom and dad back!  LOL   My parents put up the investment to get the company started and my goal is to pay them back as soon as possible so I can start saving for college.  We would like to have our subscription base be up to the 500 mark by the end of the first year. 

Our five year goal is to still be having fun doing this and to keep providing the community with some fun-filled boxes.  This is something that I would love to do through college and beyond.  We are also really looking at how to interact more with our subscribers and how to get them more involved in what goes in the boxes.

Do you have a favorite featured item?

I would probably say our Lord of the Rings Travel Mug, although my dad loves the Reaper of the Gates matches that we put in our June box.


📷: @cinnamon.summers

Best moment so far?

Meeting Marie Lu and Sabaa Tahir at BookCon.

What would you say to anyone wanting to launch their own business? Particularly younger people?

Do your research, be sure to make a game plan and stick to it.  As a 15 year old in high school, its tough sometimes making the time each day to “touch” the business.  But with help from my parents and Erin, it helps out a bunch. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.  I sometimes struggle with this but I know that with my parents experience they can provide some answers that I don’t have.    Shhh….don’t tell them I said that. 

Your secret is safe with me. What’s your biggest lesson learned?

That there is a lot of cost that go into each box.  The box itself, the printing of the spoiler cards, all of the items (plus the shipping to get the items here), the crinkle cut paper to pack it, the tape and labels.  There is a lot more than people think, but like I mentioned earlier, it is a learning experience and as we grow, some of these prices are decreasing so we can add more to each box.

Favorite genre to read?

YA Fantasy.

Favorite box to curate (so far)?

My top two favorites were our June Corruption in the Court box and our April A Crown Divided box! I cannot choose which one was more fun!


📷: @beaconbookbox

Your July box was Behind the Mask. What superhero would you be? What villain?

The superhero I would be is Thor! For a villain, I would either be the Joker or the Riddler!

Tell me one thing that would surprise people to know about you.

Well, besides starting this business at age 14, I would say the one surprise would be, I have taken piano lessons for the past 9 years!


📷: @beaconbookbox

Favorite reading snack?

Berry-flavored fruit snacks!

What’s your number one book recommendation right now?

Crazy Rich Asians!

I have enjoyed meeting you so much! Before I let you go, talk to me about this guy:


📷: @beaconbookbox

That’s our mascot, Marshmellow. He’s my cocker spaniel who turned 4 in May. He is “photogenic” and has liked posing with our boxes! We spell it “mellow” because he is super chill and sleeps a lot haha!

Totally swooning, am I right?!

WAIT!!!! Before you go, I have amazing things to leave you with!

Right now and for a limited time, use JENA10 for a discount on new subscriptions or one time box purchases (excluding limited edition boxes)! Head to their website, www.beaconbookbox.com right now!!!

Their August theme is Buccaneers and Bandits, which, if I may say, seems designed ESPECIALLY FOR ME!!! Cam is super amazing and I am so excited to say I am going to be reviewing their August box RIGHT HERE!!! I’ll be camping out by the mailbox, full pirate gear donned, so if things are quiet until the middle of August, you all know why. Send me messages, preferably in bottles.

Finally, please be sure to hop over to their Instagram @beaconbookbox and give them a follow. Let me know if you subscribe and let’s hoist the sails together!!!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed today’s interview as much as I did. I cannot wait to review their August box and am so looking forward to seeing their business progress.

See you guys next week!


📷: @readitandweep_girls

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