Welcome to my literary lair.

Some things to expect while you’re here. Skulls, daggers, and all the swears. I’ve painted the walls a lovely tint of morally grey and expect all shades to fit right in. It’s the preferred backdrop for the dramatic flair of a swooshing black cloak. Go ahead, swoosh away. I won’t judge.

Some committees you might want to join while you’re here. #teamvampire is always looking for new members, because as you know, vampires never die. My misfit pirate crew is also recruiting, though please only apply if stabby chaos is your brand.

Mostly you’ll find science fiction, fantasy, and horror running amuck within these pages, but there’s room for all genres. We do not believe in One True Genre, though, if there is One True Series, it’s Red Rising by Pierce Brown. If you haven’t read this amazing series, for fucks sake, DO IT NOW!

You’ll find a lot of celebrated diversity here and absolutely zero tolerance for hate. Like all imperfect humans, this page is a constant work in progress, so┬áplease pardon the ongoing dust.

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Also, this is management.


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