If you’re here, you most likely know me and my penchant for morally ambiguous. But if not, let me tell you a bit about myself so we can dive right in to freaking out about all things nerdy together.

I read. I write. I talk about books. But, you probably already figured that out. My aesthetic is skulls, daggers, and all the swears, which makes my appreciation for the flair of a dramatic black cloak fit right in.

I’m forever #teamvampire, president of the Villainy fan club, am actively recruiting for my misfit pirate crew, and am still REALLY salty over the injustice House Targaryen faced. Also, speaking of bullshit endings, Kylo deserved better!

You’ll find a lot of science fiction and fantasy here. I write science fiction mostly, though I dabble in the dark fantasy from time to time. But I read a wide range, so you’ll see a bit of everything on here. My favorite series ever is Red Rising, and if you haven’t read this gem of a series, for fucks sake, do it now!

Anyway. This page is a constant work in progress as I try new things, add what works, take away what doesn’t, so please pardon the ongoing dust.

Also, all of the content is dictated by my dogs, so if you have a complaint, please see one of them…

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