Fiction Projects

They Don’t Eat Teeth

If vigilante escorts hunting bad men is your jam, check out my debut short story in the horror anthology, What One Wouldn’t Do, edited by Scott J. Moses.

What’s Dead In Vegas

Five hundred years ago, Lola Monroe climbed out of a plague pit. Fifty years ago, she killed the wrong vampire. Betrayed by her girlfriend, she’s exiled from vampire life and sentenced to work 100 years of customer service. Now, she works graveyard in a Vegas 7-Eleven where she tries to stay out of trouble.

Until her ex-girlfriend comes to her with a proposal: Help her hunt down a rogue group of vamps in exchange for freedom. But nothing with her ex is ever easy.

When Lola stumbles on an underground blood club tied to missing homeless persons, she has to make a choice: allow humans to become zombie blood bags, or pick a fight with the most powerful vampires in the world. She should have called in dead.

I’m currently editing this beast, looking to start querying early 2022.

Buried Waters

A group of ghost hunters camps out at an abandoned water park in the desert with a tragic and complicated past to record their experience. But just because the park is being slowly buried in the shifting sands, doesn’t mean the secrets it carries will do the same.

Short story is on submission to a horror anthology and other venues.

Price of Paradise

Four friends hear about a secret beach and set out to experience one perfect day in paradise. They quickly discover the beach is secret for a reason. And paradise always comes with a price.

Short story on submission to a horror anthology and other venues.