Fiction Projects

They Don’t Eat Teeth

A vigilante escorts hunts predators and turns their actions back on them.

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Price of Paradise

Four friends hear about a secret beach and set out to experience one perfect day in paradise. They quickly discover the beach is secret for a reason. And paradise always comes with a price.

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The Better Man

David has everything. A beautiful wife. A baby on the way. The perfect life. One he knows he deserves. He earned. But the secrets he buried to win this life in the Las Vegas desert might be coming back to destroy him.

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What Dies In Vegas

Southern Book Club Guide to Slaying Vampires meets Clerks.

Three hundred years ago, Lola Monroe climbed out of a plague pit tired of everyone’s shit. Her give-no-fucks attitude served her well among the powerful vampire elites—until she killed the wrong bloodsucker. Betrayed by her power-hungry girlfriend, Catriona Lovett, Lola was exiled from vampire life and sentenced to work 100 years of customer service. 

Halfway through her sentence, Lola’s working graveyard in a Las Vegas 7-Eleven when Cat offers her a deal too good to be true: prove she can follow orders by hunting down a rogue vamp scientist and earn her freedom. There’s just one catch. As collateral, Cat’s kidnapped May—the human Lola raised and considers a sister.

To make things worse, a mysterious hacker won’t leave Lola alone, insisting May stumbled on a secret Cat will kill for. And all clues keep leading her to a mysterious underground club. Running out of time, Lola is tangled in secrets, lies, and vampire politics. If she wants to save May, she has to do the one thing she swore she’d never do again: trust someone. She should have called in dead.

For nearly fifteen years, I worked as a management consultant for a global convenience store chain. All of the scenes inside the stores are true. The vampires are not. 

Currently querying and available for request.

Buried Waters

A group of ghost hunters camps out at an abandoned water park in the desert with a tragic and complicated past to record their experience. But just because the park is being slowly buried in the shifting sands, doesn’t mean the secrets it carries will do the same.

Short story is being expanded to a novella.