It’s the last Monday in July and I honestly don’t know how I feel about that 🤔 On the one hand, we’re that much closer to cooler weather and my favorite month of the year. On the other, I had a rough month and did not accomplish what I wanted. I guess I’ll have to stab some books to help myself process these emotions…

And, because I apparently love torturing myself, let’s all sing it together: 🎶 Oops, I did it again 🎶!

The stabnanigans are strong today and I am crying through the pain. Clever dystopians are my jam and I adored all three of these incredible books. Let’s sharpen the knives and wipe the tears because it’s time to get stabby!


Make Out: I feel like little Pico deserves some love. He gets all my smooches.

Marry: There isn’t anyone more worthy of my commitment than Jemma! She’s strong, smart, and seriously, the girl has serious guts!

Murder: There are a ton of good murder options in this book, but in the spirit of avoiding spoilers, I’m going to just stab Li. Good riddance.


Make Out: Okay, I would definitely take any of the trio of lascivious trouble makers, but sweet Luster takes the top tier choice for me! Pucker up sweetie-pie!

Marry: Is there anyone to marry but my tortured artist Max??? No, there’s not.

Murder: While there are worse in the book, Selene is just a bit too cold for me. Plus, there’s her little threat near the end. Nope, you’re dead.


Make Out: I’m feeling rather outrageous and scandalous today. Ezekiel, let’s see how close to human you really are!

Marry: Um, Lemon Fresh. No contest.

Murder: This one’s pretty easy for me. Preacher. Done. Dead.


Everything about Mayfly just makes my heart skip a beat!


My life is not my own, which means I’m helpless against the force of this book!


Why did I do this to myself again?! I’m sorry Pity!!!!!

So, tell me! Who did you choose? Have you read these gems?! Comment below and let’s dish!

Thanks for stopping by! It’s a new month next Monday, but I’ll be back. Stabbiness on the ready. See you then!



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