It’s pirate treasure!!! August Beacon Book box!!!

Ahoy mateys!!!

If ever there was a book box that made me shout ‘Shiver Me Timbers’ with every item revealed, it’s the August box from Beacon Book Box. IT’S ALL PIRATES!!!

The official theme is Buccaneers & Bandits, but really that translates to all pirates, nothing but pirates, so help me it’s pirates! And you guys know, pirates are my JAM!!! So, let’s just say, I grabbed that treasure map the second they offered it to me and I am thrilled to be sharing this fabulous unboxing with YOU!!!

Before we go any further, remember, this post is going to be dark and full of spoilers, so ye be warned…. If you cry spoilers, you’ll be forced to walk the plank!

So hoist the colors and ready the cannons, because the unboxing starts now!


It’s best to keep your secrets close, and your treasure closer. Beacon Book Box knows this. And they raise the bar even more by adding a necklace straight from the pirate tale of all pirate tales, Pirates Of The Caribbean. Dead men tell no tales indeed, and now I can wear this reminder in fashionable style! Besides, we can’t have a box full of treasure and NOT have any jewelry, right?!


Do your dystopian daymares include pirates? If so, this Marin candle is FOR YOU!!! Made from ocean waves and sea mist air, topped with notes of cedar and cassis, you’ll be planning heists with wild abandon while you burn the night away. Somehow NovellyYours managed to even capture the gorgeous blue of a calm sea!

This gorgeous candle is an exclusive to this Beacon Book Box, but if you head over to their website,, you’ll find a wide variety of bookish candle delights! Be sure to follow them on Instagram @novellyyours for rep codes, new candle releases, and MORE!!!


The one thing every pirate wants after a long stint at sea, is a delicious bath scrubbing away the barnacles and grime. Sprinkle some of this fairy bath dust inspired by Captain Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King, and you’ll be feeling fresh in no time!

If the combination of vanilla, sandalwood, and lemon verbena doesn’t calm your stormy seas, perhaps knowing that Books Are Key By Marissa, always makes their products gluten and soy free, with all-natural vegan ingredients that are chosen specifically for pirates with sensitive skin. Hey, pirating isn’t easy! And your skin shouldn’t be the one to suffer for your nefarious lifestyle. Stop by their Instagram @books.are.key to add some bookish flair to your pirate jewelry.


Every good pirate knows, we don’t only need maps to mark where we buried our treasure, but we also need bookmarks so we don’t lose our place when we need to battle on the high seas. Beacon Book Box covered us on that regard, twice over!

This double sided bookmark from Bookish Signs ensures that we have the perfect quote no matter our mood. Stop by their Instagram @bookish_signs to shop their amazing selection. I’ve been meaning to update my Captain’s Quarters, and their signs are PERFECT for all my pirate proclamations!


Flying your colors is the only way to announce yourself and your intentions when encountering another ship. But carting a massive flag around when you’re landlubbing isn’t exactly convenient. Beacon Book Box thought of this pirate problem, and solved it for you.

Behold! The book sleeve for all pirates by Book Gizmo!

Now you can place the mightiest treasure of all treasures, that’s right, your current book, in this protective cover. It not only keeps your treasure safe, it lets the world know that they don’t want to mess with you! Set sail for their Instagram @bookgizmo for a book sleeve that matches every pirate personality, and some non-pirate ones too.


Argh mateys. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The big reveal! The treasure of all treasures! The holder of all adventures, and ship to set sail with our imaginations on board. Yes indeed, me hearties, it’s the book selection of the month!

These Rebel Waves is not just a story with action, adventure, and yes, PIRATES! It’s a story filled with magic, revolution, and the core message that we all need to find who we are. Some things are worth fighting for, and once you meet these characters, I think you’ll find yourself sharpening your sword and seeking out the first ship you can find!

Did I mention that this book came signed?! With a note from the author?! I think the most important lesson here is don’t disturb the Captain, because I’ll be locked in my quarters reading. Stay tuned for my review!


There she is. The full bounty spread out for your pirate pleasure. If you missed this treasure chest of wonder, have no fear! You can still order their September box: United Rivalries.

The incredible team at Beacon Book Box also has a few spots for their SPECIAL EDITION Wildcard box! I’ve heard it’s DIVINE!!! Head on over to their website to subscribe and be sure to hit that follow over on the gram @beaconbookbox as well. We can all use more hearts in our days, right?!

If you’re just seeing this amazing box for the first time, please check out my interview with them! This is an incredible company supported and executed by an amazing family! Did you get this box??? Comment below and tell me your favorite item!


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