It’s another stabalicious Monday! It also happens to be the very last Monday in August, which means summer is quickly winding down. The days are getting shorter, but that means that the nights are getting longer. And we all know that the nights are dark and full of delicious terrors!

In honor of the dark and moody, I thought what is more perfect than playing today’s stabnanigans with some dark retellings?! I mean, we are getting ever closer to the happiest day of the year, which also happens to be the spookiest. These dark fairy tales  jumped off the shelf at me today!


Make out: If anyone deserves a little happiness and love in this sordid tale, it’s Nod.

Marry: Jaime. Yes he’s not exactly good, but he’s not exactly bad either. Exactly the moral gray area I like my leading men to land.

Murder: It’s pretty easy to envision stabbing that sadistic little Peter to death. Repeatedly.


Make out: Dreamy Marco with all his secrets.

Marry: I love that little robot conscience Fig so much! He fluttered into my heart and won’t leave.

Murder: In the essence of avoiding spoilers, I’m just going to cut Mr. Davis up. I mean, he DOES deserve it…


Make out: Sweet, steady Solmir has earned some steamy smooches.

Marry: She’s strong. She’s tough. Yeva is by far the best catch in town!

Murder: I guess I’m not very creative today because the only one I can remember being murder worthy is the wolf.


Swooning for this delightfully inventive retelling!


Pirates. Sadistic heroes. Delicious anti-hero story. Take my black heart!


I mean. I didn’t hate it, but how many Beauty and the Beast retellings can a girl take?

Alright my stabby fanatics, that’s it for today! Comment below and tell me who you would choose. Until next week, tata my dark lovelies!!!

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