Instagram GIVEAWAY

It’s that sad time of year when our feelings are all jumbled in a mess of confusion. Summer is ending which means relief from the long, hot days. But, with relief, comes other not so relieving things. Like shorter days, school, much colder weather. The stress of holidays and snow… You get it. We’re both happy and sad as August winds itself down.

Which is why it’s the PERFECT time for a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Many of you already follow me on Instagram along with on here, so YAY!!!

You guys will get five extra entries (if you follow the Instagram deets) just by leaving your gram user name and which prize pack you’re entering for in a comment!

Please make sure you follow me on both Instagram and here or the comment won’t count. Sorry, but the world needs rules.

There are SIX different prize packs with books ranging from middle grade to adult!!!







Good luck!!! May the force be with you!!!

16 thoughts on “Instagram GIVEAWAY

  1. Ok. So I really really want 6. Because I have been wanting a scary book. Jena thanks so much for these. It’s the o my form of gambling I am addicted to. :). My instagram is aliham775@instagram

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