Oh, hello Monday. I didn’t see you, lurking…

Well, today’s feature just sums up how I feel most Monday’s. Like a zombie. I’m sure all the parents with children back in school AGREE! We’re all a bit stabby and zombified today.

And nothing says stabby more than fighting zombies! Or being a zombie. There’s stabbing all around in this case. So sharpen your knives, or your teeth, and let’s get chompin’!!!


Make Out: Even though he’s sort of a slacker, and definitely a zombie, I’m smooching Jake with one eye open.

Marry: I know, be wary of the psychic, but Cass, I love thee.

Murder: Sorry Amanda, I’m sure you’re very nice even if you’re the popular girl AND a zombie. Two strikes, what can I say?


Make out: I know. He’s rough. He’s unpredictable. He’s possibly unstable and violent. But, Slasher grabbed my attention from the start and won’t let go!

Marry: Hands down, I love that girl Tegan!

Murder: This one’s a bit trickier. Obviously you’d think it would be the zombies, but life is more complicated than that. Sigh, okay, I murder Wilson.


Make Out: Sure, he’s a bit gruff on the outside, but Ben seems like he’s full of fire in all the right ways!

Marry: There are so many people to fall in love with here, but sweet Sam deserves all the wedded bliss today!

Murder: There are a number of terrible humans to murder in this book. But Pa takes the zombie cake!


I tried to imagine kissing zombies, and well, it doesn’t seem pleasant. Even though this book DOES make you swoon. Confusing, I know…


There is just so, so much to fall in love with in this book. SO MUCH!!!


Okay, confession: I haven’t actually read this yet 🙈 I know, shame, shame. But, if I had to eat a books brains, might as well be the one with fries on the cover, right?!

That’s it guys! Another Monday bites the dust! Yes, I did that on purpose. Tell me who you would make out with, marry or murder below.

See you next week for more stabnanigans!!!

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