Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the stabbiest one of all?

I’ve always loved the darker side to fairy tales. There’s something about taking the things I loved as a child and making them dark and devious that makes me so happy. Knowing that the original tales were pretty damn dark to begin with makes these dark retellings feel more authentic. Plus, who says happy endings can’t involve stabbing, poison, and murder???

Since it’s October, and it’s the time of year for all things dark and stabby, I wanted to take some beloved classics and celebrate the darker side of their stories. Believe me, these retellings are dark and full of terrors. Just the way we like them.

So, sharpen your knives, ready your pitchforks, and cast your black magic spells, because it’s time to let the stabnanigans commence!


Make Out: If anyone deserves some major love, it is Adam. That poor, er, creature, man, monster, whatever, he deserves all the kisses.

Marry: Sure, he only shows up once, but Mr. Darcy, I’ll always jump at even the most obscure chance to marry you!

Murder: Victor is just THE WORST HUMAN EVER!!! Stab stab stab to the mad scientist with no heart.


Make Out: If the wicked witch herself couldn’t refuse his charms, who am I to even try? Totes smooching Fiyero.

Marry: While I would totally marry Elphaba, I’m going to go with a more obscure crush, Sarima. She’s a swoon worthy badass.

Murder: So many people to murder, so little time. I’m going with Glinda, only because the others I would choose get their comeuppance. So the good witch DIES!!!


Make Out: Sure, he’s completely untrustworthy. And probably entirely up to NO GOOD. But Cheshire, let’s see what those lips can do.

Marry: It’s no surprise I like my husbands a little unstable and slightly on this side of the murdery scale, so Hatcher, let’s get hitched.

Murder: I almost feel like who SHOULDN’T get murdered is the shorter list here… Uh, let’s go with the Walrus, because, seriously, he deserves to be murdered a few times.


Such a violent, dark book. Let’s make out!


Good is bad and bad is good. How I love the tragic and morally grey!!!


The blending of two classics with a dark twist made me swoon. But someone had to die. I’m sorry……

Only two Monday’s left until the best night of the year! Tell me which spooktacular books I should feature!!!

Until next week, stay stabby my lovelies.





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