A glorious morning my stabby lovelies!!! We’re running on beach time today, so sorry not sorry for the later post!

I am in a wonderfully relaxed mood, sitting on a balcony, listening to the waves. Life, in short, is very good. I almost don’t want to stab anyone today. Almost. I mean, I’m still me, after all.

For today’s stabnanigans, I’ve taken some of my dreamiest fantasy books, and subjected them to some stabby fun. I’m very sad, again, to be forced into murder, but, death awaits us all.


Make Out: Poor graceful Liss. If anyone deserves some love in that twisted city, it’s Liss.

Marry: It may be completely cliche, I know But, oh do I swoon for the bad boy/good guy dichotomy of the Warden.

Murder: I’m stabbing Jaxon Hall. He may be complex, and there could be some decency in that mime lord. But, someone has to get stabbed.


Make Out: I think Akos deserves a little love and tenderness in his life.

Marry: Cyra is fierce and determined. Totally marrying that woman!

Murder: Maybe this is because I’ve spent the weekend with my own brothers, but Ryzek totally gets stabbed today.


Make Out: Oh Lazlo. My dreamer. Let’s kiss under the stars.

Marry: Sarai. She yearns for more and totally deserves more. I’m marrying that blue little godchild.

Murder: Okay, I actually like creepy little Minya, but, if anyone is going to die, it should probably be her.


Secret abilities. Crime syndicates. Corrupt governments. Smooching The Bone Season. Plus, The Warden 😍


Writing that is simply gorgeous and a story that is tragically beautiful. Oh, marry me Strange The Dreamer.


Why does anyone have to die on such a glorious morning?! I enjoyed Carve The Mark, but, alas, someone must go under the bloody knife. Farewell my friend!

I have one day left, and plan on soaking in as much sand, surf, and sun as humanly possible. Ta-ta for now, my stabby friends!







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