#makeoutmarrymurdermonday – Horror edition

Hey hey hey!!! Is it weird how much I missed this last week???

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been in a bit of a horror mood lately. There’s just something about hot summer nights that make the things that go bump in the night feel a little more real, isn’t there? And, honestly, nothing says stabby quite like some old school slasher horror. So, this week, I decided to embrace my mood and choose some classic horror stories! It didn’t hurt that I also had matching candles for the three stories I chose. It’s like it was destiny…

So grab your wooden stakes and your sharpest pitchforks, and let the stabstabstab commence!!!


Make Out: Whether she’s innocent or a saucy little flirtatious minx, Katrina Van Tassel is probably the character most in need of a forbidden frolic.

Marry: I’m specifying that I’m only marrying the Johnny Depp version of Ichabod Crane for lack of anyone else enticing in this story 😂 and because, hello, Johnny Depp.

Murder: Is there anyone else to kill here other than Brom Bones???


Make Out: Even though he’s a terrible influence, and may be flat and shallow, Lord Henry seems like he’d be a good time for scandalous endeavors.

Marry: I’m marrying poor Sybil. She deserves a better fate.

Murder: I feel like so much trouble could have been avoided if we just killed off poor, misguided Basil at the very start.


Make Out: Oh, hands down I’m getting frisky with Lucy. Best friend, vampire, good time.

Marry: Come on, is this even real?! Obviously I’m marrying Dracula.

Murder: Sorry Jonathan. I’m sure you’re a charming lad, but you’re getting the wooden stake this week.


No surprise here! We all knew this was happening, didn’t we?


There is way too much scandalous behavior to pass this good time of a novel up!


Is it true? Or is it legend? We’ll never know the real fate of this novel…

Alright my stabby little ghouls, that’s it for today! I’ll be back the week after next, since I’ll be on a blog tour (again!) next Monday. (Don’t worry, it’s a good one!) I’ll still be posting a stabby book over on the ‘gram @jenabrownwrites, so don’t forget to come say hi. And, have you guys followed @bookwnoname??? I am living for her weekly stabby book recommendations, and frankly, so should you!

Before you go… What book would you choose??? Which characters??? Tell me all the things!!!


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