Tuesdays With Jena: Meet Megan!

Oh happy Tuesday! If you’re looking for bright and cheerful, you have come to the right blog! Because today, I bring you an account literally made of rainbows and sunshine!

She goes by many names these days. Over on the ‘gram, you probably know her as @pnwbookworm. I’ve had the privilege of being her friend and know her as Megan. And not even a year ago, a tiny human named her Mommy. I’m pretty sure her birds have names for her, but I don’t know how to translate bird, and I’d hate to present inaccuracies on their behalf.


I first met Megan over a year ago now, through my bookstagram dealer. Yup, Tracy strikes again! And what a year it’s been! She became mama to this little nugget…


It kills me that I can’t drive over and smoosh his little face!

Besides rainbows and babies, which, to be fair, is already ridiculous incentive to go follow her RIGHT NOW! She also has the funniest pair of birds that often find themselves in her photos. I’m pretty sure they’re just little bird divas and relish the likes. However, as parent to a little fur diva of my own, there are no judgements here.

And, as if that doesn’t keep her moving and shaking all over her beautiful corner of the PNW, she also has a shop, @pnwbookishshop.


I need ten of what she’s having, because I’m already tired. I think baby snuggles definitely help… And coffee. All the coffee! But, I’m rambling, which happens, so let’s shut me up and get on with it.

Without further ado, grab your own little diva (in whatever form they are), and let’s get chatting!

When did you start your Bookstagram account?

In the fall of 2016, after getting my first Owlcrate box.

Why do you bookstagram?

Bookstagram combines my love of both books and photography so it’s a great meld of two of my favorite things.

Favorite bookstagram account?

I love a lot of bookstagram accounts, including yours!











Just to name a couple

Favorite non bookstagram account?


She posts videos of cookies being frosted and its mesmerizing. Plus the cookies always look adorable!


Theme or no theme?

I don’t have enough focus to stick to a theme, though I sometimes think it might save me some setup time! 

I think we can all agree that gorgeous photos are totally a theme!


Favorite photo on your account?


Why is it your favorite?

This one just makes me laugh because of the title and Bird just sitting there like “what?”

What do you do when you’re not on the Internet?

All of the things. I am way to busy for my own good. Hanging out with the 5 month old, wrangling my 4 horses, managing my pet sitting business. Just thinking about it is making me tired!


Photography (primarily nature and animal with the occasional human thrown in), wood burning, reading (obviously), and writing when I can find the motivation (it’s been missing for about two years so if you have any idea where to look for that let me know)

Favorite place to read?

On the couch with a cozy blanket

Favorite genre?

I don’t really have a favorite genre. I read a lot of fantasy and cozy mystery, with some women’s fiction and thrillers mixed in. I also love historical fiction. The only genre I don’t read much of is romance. 

Top five books right now!

So much pressure! I’m just naming my top 5 reads of this year so far

  1. To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo
  2. Shadow Dancing by Julie Mulhern
  3. Everless by Sara Holland
  4. Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman
  5. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Ebooks, audiobooks, paperback or hardcover? Rank them for me.

Audiobook (if the narrator is good), ebook (easier to read with a baby), hardcover, paperback

Book boyfriends? For or against?

Meh. I could never get into the whole book boyfriend thing. 

Fair enough. What about Book Best Friend?

Asking me to choose a bookish best friend is like having to choose your favorite person from a group! Ugh! Okay, if I had to choose, I’d say Luna from Harry Potter. I adore her!

What book represents your life?

None that I have read. Someday I may write one based on my life called The Fisherman’s Daughter though. 

Oooooo I love that title! Do you have a blog?

Yup, though I’m not great at keeping it current: www.pnwbookworm.com

When did you start blogging?

I think maybe around a year ago. 

Favorite blogs?

Honestly yours is my favorite. You writing really great reviews and I am loving all the extra posts you’ve been doing! 

I swear, I didn’t pay her or bribe her to say that! Alright, let’s finish up with favorite reading snack?

I like a good beverage while I read. If its cold – tea or hot chocolate, it its warm- lemonade or fruit punch. 

 I can’t resist…. favorite tea?

I like a really strong black tea, but lately I’ve been drinking Rooibos from Numi Organics and it’s yummy!


I’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo and lovely message!

I hope you guys enjoyed chatting with Megan. Go give her account @pnwbookworm a follow and all the hearts! Her account is sunshine in my feed and it will be in yours too.

Until next week, my loves!

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