Tuesdays with Jena: Meet Trissina!

Featuring Trissina from @trissinalovesbooks

Hello hello! Grab your coffee, and let’s get chatting!

This week, we’re chatting with the fabulous Trissina from @trissinalovesbooks! You may recognize her from my Howlerfest post. She’s the lovely lady that allowed me to take over her living room while we terrorized the book stores of LA and lost our minds meeting Pierce Brown, the author of our favorite obsession, Red Rising.


We met a little over a year ago in a group started by Tracy, actually! As you can see, our friendship has grown. She is a speed reader, so if you want to be dazzled by how many books she can finish in a month, be sure to check her account out. It’s her superpower!

Her account also features the lovable Brody, who is a star in his own right. He is very good at unboxings. In fact, he thinks most book boxes are his!

Finally, every Monday she does #musicmonday and plays select songs on her piano for all her followers! She has a link for her Soundcloud in her bio, where she updates all her songs so you can listen to them all the time. Trust me, you want to check her music out!

Beyond her account, she is such an amazing person. She is always available to help in whatever way she can. Whether it’s listening to you, cheering you up when you have a bad day, or fangirling over all things Star Wars, she is there. Running several businesses on her own, she also gives some great advice for small business owners. I’m very lucky to call her a friend!

So, without further ado, say hello to Trissina!


When did you start your Bookstagram account?

January 2017

Why do you bookstagram?

I was of the viewpoint that there weren’t very many good books being written anymore so I stopped reading as much or would just reread. I heard of this thing called Owlcrate and subscribed in 2016 for a special treat for myself. I was so surprised that there was a world of these amazing trinkets and items and booknerds! I slowly started to discover bookstagram and noticed there seemed to be books people were raving about and actually reading. One of my friends suggested I try to join and I’ve never looked back! Now I can’t keep up with the amount of books I want to read!  

Of course, the friendships I’ve made through bookstagram are the most wonderful result of joining!

Theme or no theme?

No theme, but I do always have a pillow in my photo which changes occasionally and I take it in the same spot more for lighting than anything. Not too picky! 

Can Brody be considered a theme?


Because, I mean, he looks like he was born for the #Instalife!

Okay, besides Brody, what’s your favorite photo on your account?


Why is it your favorite?

It was a big deal to me that I was able to purchase the Juniper Book sleeves that I really wanted because that series means so much to me. I had all mismatched paperback/hardbacks so I finally had all the hardbacks from used stores so I could get the jackets on sale. They are simply stunning. The print I show by Nerdy Post always makes me tear up. The lit candle is in honor of people who had passed away in 9/11. I played “Mad World” for my music Mondays to match the feel of the post. It was a really emotional endeavor for me all around. 

What do you do when you’re not on the Internet? 

What do you mean?

Favorite place to read?

The chair I take my pictures on! 

Favorite genre?

Middle grade – overall love sci fi and fantasy 

What about Brody? What’s his favorite genre?

Hahahahaha! He’s an old man and prefers the classics.

Speaking of Brody, does he enjoy bookstagram?

He was NOT happy when I had him wear a flower crown. But, he really loves doing unboxings. LOVES them!


Ebooks, audiobooks, paperback or hardcover? Rank them for me.

Hardback, Paperback and I don’t do the other 2 

Book boyfriends? For or against?

I was against originally. I thought it was so WEIRD when I first joined bookstagram. I was always answering that question with “Ryan Gosling for life!” Until I read Strange the Dreamer and met Lazlo. Then I understood everything. He is mine forever. (but still second to Gosling)

Do you have a blog?

No but I want one for middle grade – its just a lot to start. 


While we figure out which way to the bookstore, be sure to pop over to her account @trissinalovesbooks and give her some hearts! Don’t forget to say hello to Brody while you’re there. He lives for likes.

I hope you loved meeting Trissina as much as I love being her friend! Come back next week to meet another amazing person and get to know the people behind the bookstagram accounts!

Want to be featured? Be sure to follow me and send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

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