#fashionvictim – Review

“It wasn’t that people were particularly devastated by her death, it was just such a juicy story. If it bleeds while wearing designer shoes, it goddamned leads. And boy, did it ever.”

Anya St. Clair is nothing if not driven. She knows how to channel her setbacks and overcome her obstacles. How to focus on the positive and turn around the negative. She even uses mood boards to help her visualize the future she wants. Most importantly, she isn’t willing to let anything, or anyone, stand in the way of her success.

When her current obsession, the gorgeous and magazine spread worthy icon, Sarah Taft, becomes not only her idealized bestie, but her competition for a promotion, Anya knows exactly what she has to do. In order to win Sarah’s attention and title for one and only BFF, Anya has to prove that she is worthy. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and Anya fully intends on showing Sarah she can be exactly like her. Or, just be her. They say if only looks could kill, but maybe, in this case, they do.

“God, there was always so much work to do. Update this, kill so-and-so. I wish people understood how hard we worked in fashion — all to make it look so effortless, easy.”

When I first say the tagline: ‘Bitches get stitches’ my black heart seriously swooned. Hope ran wild and turned to the description. ‘American Psycho meets Devil Wears Prada’. Oh, my stabby lovelies, could this really be love at first sight? Of course, like most newly smitten victims, I was cautiously optimistic. Could this really be the dark and devious tale I so desperately wanted it to be? Could true love actually be a thing?

In a word….. YES!!!

This book is so morbid and hilarious, I am dying for more. Seriously! DYING! To take such a cut throat industry like fashion, and up the competitive antics to include murder is brilliant and genius and I AM HERE FOR IT!!! It honestly makes me wonder why there isn’t more violence in the fashion world, because hello, hangry is a thing and no one in that world eats, so it’s a bit mystifying that more models and editors aren’t losing their shit on the daily.

“Celia liked to come off as someone who ate and drank whatever she wanted, but if you put a burger in front of her, she’d probably punch you in the face for thinking she ate.”

If dark humor is your jam, and you thought Mean Girls wasn’t quite mean enough, you need this book in your life. Anya is the new, modern, and very fashionable Patrick Bateman. In fact, I think she would give Patrick a run for his blood stained money.

#fashionvictim has everything I love in a book. It’s dark, devious, twisted, and hilarious. This isn’t a book where you’re rooting for the good guy. There aren’t any. No really, no one is good. They’re all terrible people, which honestly, is what makes this book so much fun.

“I narrowed my eyes. ‘Better watch out, Jacky. You could end up on my list.’ We both snorted at that. Murder, it was so hilarious. How edgy of us.”

And please remember, this is a book meant to be fun. It’s satire. It’s taking the very worst of an industry and mocking it through murder. It isn’t meant to be a serious conversation on mental illness. Or bullying. Or any of that. We don’t learn any lessons here, other than mood boards can really help focus your energy while reaching your goals.

I haven’t had this much fun reading a book in a while. I love books with meaning, and depth, and profound messages. I love a good hero saga, or an epic battle of good versus evil. But, to just have a book that is full of awful people and topped satirical humor that is so damn smart it hurts, well, it made my day. For anyone who has ever envisioned punching that snotty but gorgeous mean girl who makes everything seem so effortless and makes you feel incredibly inferior just by standing in the same room right in the throat, this book is for you.

Thank you Crooked Lane books for hosting the Instagram giveaway that sent me this devious and delicious book!

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