Even though it’s Monday, it IS the first day on October! Behold! Glorious of all gloriousness! The month when all the dark delights come out to play AND it’s socially acceptable to decorate with skulls and bones and blood. Could there be a more joyous month?! No, the answer is no.

While I could celebrate this delicious entrance to the most ghoulish month of the year with zombies or vampires, werewolves or witches, I decided to go a bit darker. Societies that are horrifying to imagine but important to read. These are the stories that make me jump in the night and give me all the hair-raising goosebumps.

It’s the month to be frightened, and these books all kept me up way past my bedtime.


Make Out: I wasn’t quite sure about her, but in the end, I decided she needs some love. Ro, let’s smooch.

Marry: Oh Mattie. Maker of mistakes. Girl of bold decisions. Let’s make bad decisions together.

Murder: Susan and I just didn’t click. Sorry Sus, you’re up for stabbing.


Make Out: Poor Tunde. If a guy ever needs some kisses, it’s this one.

Marry: Oh Roxy and all her moxy! Marry ME!!!

Murder: Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, but Margot, you’re getting stab-stab-stab-STABBED!!!


Make Out: Oh sweet, hot, dangerous Nick. You get all the kisses!!!

Marry: If there is anyone more badass than June, the Handmaid who just won’t give in???

Murder: Totally Serena Joy. Ugh. Die bitch!


A history where men are the weaker sex? How can you NOT swoon for this one?!


Queen of dystopian and book of my darkest obsessions, marry me you horrifying future, you!


This actually makes me really sad. But, it IS a brutal dystopian world out there…

Alright, my devious lovelies. That’s it! We have opened the month with some seriously scary books. Real enough to keep you awake ALL NIGHT!!! Stay tuned, I’ll be back with more next week 😘 In the meantime, tell me who you make out, marry, and MURDER in the comments below!


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