Tuesdays with Jena: Meet Amber

Oh, hello Tuesday. I didn’t see you creeping over there…

Today, I’m bringing you another fabulous bookstagram account and letting you see the secrets behind the fabulousness!!! And, man, am I excited for this lovely lady!

Formerly known as, @amberk1120, give all your cat and coffee (and book) love to Amber, the beauty behind @bookncatsncoffee. I have always wanted to introduce someone like that, it feels so mysterious and celebrity, doesn’t it?!


Amber’s feed gives me all the patio envy, as my backyard looks NOTHING like the green paradise she shows off. You’ll catch glimpses of lakes, waterways, couches, and coffee tables in her daily feed. And, like her backgrounds, her literary recommendations are just as diverse and delicious! Seriously, everyone will find something to love on her page. I double underdog dare you to see if I’m right!

Amber and I share, not just a love of all the swears and feminist propaganda, she’s also a co-host for our #awesomeAFbuddyreads group on Instagram! Her comments and chats have made every single book such an amazing experience, and I especially loved her thoughts on Joe, that charming little psychopath that I never want to meet from YOU.

She’s funny, she’s lovely, she’s one of my faves… let’s all fall in love, shall we?

When did you start your Bookstagram account? 

Technically didn’t start as a bookstagram account, just started an account on this new app I’d heard of called Instagram back in 2012. My first book pic was posted in April of 2013, but I didn’t really start posting “bookstagram” until 2014. 

Why do you bookstagram?

Because I’m obsessed with books. I always have been, and I always will be. These are my people! 

Talk to me about your favorite bookstagram account? Do you have one? Who are they?

How am I supposed to pick just one? I have a dedicated list of people who’s pages & stories I visit daily, but it’s not a short list. And I honestly couldn’t pick just a single favorite, so here are a handful of faves:

Jena (obviously) ((no, I didn’t pay her 😂))


















Favorite non bookstagram account?

Cabinlife_alaska —>


Ever since we vacationed there in 2014, I’ve been obsessed with Alaska. I get lost in this feed constantly. 


Oh, sorry, I got lost in Alaska… Where were we? Oh, theme or no?

My theme is called “whatever feels right”. So if I’m outside on the patio, that’s what you’re going to see. If I’m on the couch drinking copious amounts of coffee, I just found my prop. 🙂

What about when you’re not on the Internet? 

Watch PBS. Seriously, that’s basically all we do during the week when we’re not working. On the weekends? Chillaxing outside or in the garage, or biking to our favorite local brewery, and enjoying adult beverages on their patio. 



Reading, craft beer & brewery exploring, music listening 

Is there a favorite place to read?

On the patio or in my reading nook

Do you have a favorite genre?

Impossible to pick one unless I go super generic and say “fiction”. I love women’s fiction, YA, middle grade/young readers, mysteries, thrillers, horror, historical fiction (although I’m fairly picky in this category), fantasy, memoirs. . . 


Ebooks, audiobooks, paperback or hardcover? Rank them for me.





What about book boyfriends? For or against?

Indifferent. As obsessed as I can get with certain books, I’ve never found myself obsessed wth particular characters in this way. I think I’m missing out and need to find one. 


Um yes. I have some serious book boyfriend suggestions. We’ll talk lol. In the meantime, do you have a blog?

Yes! “Books and Cats and Coffee” on WordPress!


When did you start blogging?

I guess technically I started that page just over a year ago, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve let myself lapse thanks to an overcrowded schedule. I’m working on getting myself back to a manageable schedule and posting reviews multiple times per week, but as with life, I’m a continual work in progress. Also, I feel very strongly that a person should never feel guilty, nor should they have to apologize, for placing a priority on real life over these fun hobbies (bookstagram and blogging). Therefore, if I lapse, then I lapse. Hopefully people will come back to hear what I have to say when life allows me more time.

Favorite blog post?

I literally only blog reviews, nothing else. In general, my favorites are the “weekly” posts that I haven’t made time for lately—> Audio Hitlist: Your Soundtrack for the Week (Monday’s audiobook review/rec), and “Throwback Thursday: Kickin’ It Backlist Style” (Thursday’s poetic waxings over backlist favorites)

Let’s talk snacks. Any faves while reading?

Hot cocoa in the cool months, beer in the warm months/any time it feels appropriate, coffee always, and junk food galore (chips, cookies, spoonfuls of frosting)


And, there she is! Swooning, right?! Be sure to give her a follow, @bookncatsncoffee on the ‘gram and send some hearts her way too.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Amber, and I’ll be back next week, with another delightful and awesome account!!! TTFN!!!

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