These Rebel Waves – Review

“To believe in what this island used to be, and what it could be again. A country of unity, of acceptance of its wonders, of hope.”

In this stunning new series, we meet three very different characters with seemingly nothing in common.

Adeluna. The soldier. The politician’s daughter. She wants nothing more than freedom from the religious oppression Argrid stands for. And to never again return to the life that war forced her to live. But when an important man disappears during peace talks, Lu suspects something far more nefarious is at play.

Devereux. Pirate. Raider. Rebel. One of the few raiders who refuses to join a crew. But somehow he still manages to sell Grace Loray’s magic plants on the black market and evade capture. The missing diplomat ends up putting Vex in the crosshairs of both the Argridian army and the other raiders. He agrees to help Lu. But the truth they uncover could be far deadlier than the war they think they’re avoiding.

Benat. Crown prince. Heretic. Ben watched his cousin and uncle burn when his father decided they took the magic plants too far. He hides his secret obsession with this forbidden magic. When his father tasks him to find a cure for the shaking disease using the forbidden plants, Ben has to decide if he can finally progress his country towards a brighter future, or if he’s simply adding fuel to his own funeral pyre.

“Whatever you fear so much about yourself, it’s part of you. You can either keep fighting or change your expectations, but whatever you decide, you gotta commit.”

Full of mystery and conspiracy, These Rebel Waves builds a comprehensive world that feels very real. It’s easy to imagine our own history written in these characters and this plot. A world of religious monarchies using the threat of an inquisition to maintain control. Of pirates fighting for their own definition of freedom. A group of tribes banding together to create a new type of government. Sounds very familiar, right?

Yet, for all the familiarity, Raasch throws in magic and enough details that we know this is unlike the world we live in. Nonetheless, anyone with rebellion in their blood and adventure in their hearts will quickly be swept away into this epic story.

“Better to have of people who participated in their ruling rather than people who took everything from their king as truth.”

There are a lot of interesting plot lines woven into this novel. Since we get three perspectives, we get a huge view of the world at large. We get to see all the different layers of society from the fanatical religious monarchy to the small island attempting to create a more democratic government. Even more impressive is the nuance Raasch gives us, to show that any governing body is complex and the public will always have their own complicated and varied opinions.

It isn’t just the government where Raasch impresses us with her attention to detail. The world building and scope of history presented in this book is jaw dropping. Without overwhelming the reader with clunky flashbacks, or heavy paragraphs of description, Raasch effortlessly weaves these details into the narration. This is a book that will fully immerse you, sweeping you fully and entirely into the world. You’ll feel the sway of the ship, smell the fire in the air, see the unique beauty of the various cities.

“The world is changing. It is not enough to sway people’s souls with truth; missionaries are only as successful as the armies behind them.”

As if solid characters, rich world-building, and complex plots weren’t enough to make my black heart swoon, Raasch throws in some gut-punching and mind-blowing plot twists. I love love LOVE when an author makes the record screech in my head because I never saw their twist coming. And that happened. A few times! It was delicious and wonderful!!!

In all, this book has everything I love. Pirates. Conspiracy. Treachery. Pirates. Political intrigue. Betrayal. Magic. Did I mention pirates?! Be warned, the ending is cliffhanger that will hurt. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!! The agony is worth it though, and this is an adventure you will not regret joining. LOVE LOVE LOVE These Rebel Waves!!!

Thank you BookSparks for sending me this beautiful copy and adding it as a surprise book to your #readbythesea2018 #yasummerreads blog tour line up!!!

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