Well, it’s sunny and miserable again. Does anyone else wake up and hiss at the sun? No? Just me? At least my misery is your gain as we start the week off right: with plenty of stabnanigans!!!

This week I thought we’d go full stabby books mode. Epic fantasy with lots and lots of treachery, betrayal, and yup, you guessed it. Stabbing. These are all books I’ve read recently AND LOVED!!!!! Someone remind me next week to not make this so hard on myself. Please???

I keep forgetting and murdering books I love is not good for my black heart. Between this and the sunshine, I may end up exploding into fiery ash before my time. Maybe it’s just time to start spiking the coffee. Now, that’s an idea…


Make Out: She wants to be good, but she can’t help but be bad. Rielle pushes the scandalous envelope and I am all about it!

Marry: How can I choose anyone except the mysterious, very bad boy, rebel with a cause, Simon to swoon my heart away?!

Murder: I’m totally murdering Queen Genevieve in this one. Sure, there are worse characters, but I just don’t like her.


Make Out: Definitely giving my boy Radu some love here. Poor guy deserves it.

Marry: Yes she’s vicious. And a touch unstable. But, she’s my kind of crazy. Marrying Lada.

Murder: Sorry Mehmed. You’re just not the Sultan I thought you’d be.


Make Out: For sure getting some magical frisk on with my girl, Zelie.

Marry: Oh Amari. You had me from the beginning and won’t let me go with your fierce ways!

Murder: This one is easy. Maybe he’s misunderstood. Maybe he’s tragic. But, ugh, can we just kill Inan already?!


I mean, violent princesses and rewritten history?! Pucker up baby!


When you find the one, you just know. Jimmy Fallon isn’t the only one swooning this book.


I’M SORRY!!!!!! I will mourn you. Maybe you’ll be reborn?

What did you think??? Comment below and tell me who you would make out, marry, and murder!!!

Another stabby Monday down, a million more to go. I’ll be back next week, knives sharpened, black heart hardened. See you guys soon!


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