Tuesdays With Jena: Meet Lindsey!

Is it weird that I’m craving tacos right now??? Spoiler alert: NO! Because it’s Tuesday, which means not only are you legally required to eat tacos, BUT it’s also time to chat with another bookstagrammer!

This week, we’re discussing all things smooshy dog faces with Lindsey, the thriller loving lady behind @readingbetweenthe__wines!


Okay, we’re probably talking about books too. You caught us!

I met Lindsey through (duh duh duh)… I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count! DING! DING! DING! Tracy!!! The bookstagram dealer strikes again!!! You should probably go follow her (@thepagesinbetween) so you can also be where all the people are.

Besides posting photos of her adorable dog, and having the most Instagrammable coffee table on the Internet, Lindsey is also co-host for the book club @blackheartreads.


In case you were wondering, that’s their June book! Book sleeve is not included. I already asked.

Once you get over the cuteness of her pup, and the jealousy over her coffee table, you’ll quickly fall in love with both her and her account. Lindsey is super sweet and is always up for chatting about books. I’ve loved following her treks across the country and watching the seasons change in part of New Hampshire. I mean, really, what ARE seasons?!

Anyway, it’s time! So grab your tacos and let’s get chatting!!!

When did you start your Bookstagram account?

I started my bookstagram account right around this time last year. May of 2017. Wow, how has it been over a year already?!

Why do you bookstagram?

I started my subscription to Book of the Month in December of 2016. Not long after I realized there were all these other amazing IG book accounts out there. I started to follow several from my personal account. When Stacey from @prose_and_palate won the contest to become a BOTM judge I started following her and decided that I needed my own book account. Fast-forward a year: half the time I forget I even have a personal IG. I’ve made some of the most amazing friends on here and there are many bookstagrammers that I talk to every day. I can’t imagine my life without bookstagram.

Favorite bookstagram account?

Oh man, I could go on and on. Well obviously you, Jena, and no I’m not just saying that to get a feature on your page. 

I already mentioned Stacey @prose_and_palate (also currently obsessed with her new pup Huck!). 

Kourtney @kourtneysbookshelf was one of the first people to make me feel welcome. We also bonded over our love of Tom Brady.

I connected with Janelle @shereadswithcats pretty early on and quickly began chatting with her about anything and everything. I even got to meet her in person while we both happened to be in Seattle. We hung out twice and her and her husband, Marcus, are both pretty awesome!

I was still pretty new when Jenn @jennsbookvibes started her account and we both started talking about how to navigate the world of bookstagram and we’ve been talking every day since. She’s the next person I hope to meet in person.


Tracy @thepagesinbetween is one of the sweetest people on the Internet. One time she sent me a box full of goodies and included not one, but TWO bags of one of my favorite candies that I can never find in stores.


Gare @gareindeedreads is the only other bookstagrammer I’ve met in person. We met at ThrillerFest back in October and hopefully we’ll both make it to the one this year! I’m obsessed with his account; he reads all the best thrillers and then creates a movie cast once he finishes. I’m not sure how much more amazing you can get!

Last, but not least, Janel @keeperofpages is serious bookstagram goals. I think she has the most photogenic hand on the internet and I always find myself adding books to my TBR based on her recommendations. She also co-hosts the very first IG book club that I ever joined, @criminallygoodbookclub, and I read with them religiously. 

Favorite non bookstagram account?

I’m partial to @crinkle.cuts because I have a Shar Pei mix, Opie, and I love seeing the crinkle cuts’ wrinkly faces.

Theme or no theme?

For the longest time I was posting two coffee table photos and then one non-coffee table photo so that it looked like I had some kind of theme going when looking at my entire feed. Then I decided I was sick of so many coffee table photos and started posting whatever the hell I felt like. 

Favorite photo on your account?

View this post on Instagram

Book Club night 🍷

A post shared by Lindsey 📚🐛 (@readingbetweenthe__wines) on

I was always pretty proud of this photo, mostly because I practically fell over when @duttonbooks reposted it on their page. Unfortunately that is not my house; otherwise I would probably use that fireplace in every other photo. 

What do you do when you’re not on the Internet? 

I work the night shift as a Respiratory Therapist. When I’m at home I’m most likely kissing my dog’s face. Seriously, I’m obsessed. 

Oh, you mean this kissable creature?!


Let’s talk about him! What’s his favorite pastime?

Oh man! I think Opie’s favorite would be anything to do with the outdoors. We recently moved and now have a fenced backyard, and he’s never been happier! We keep joking that we’re going to have to get him a doghouse because he would stay out there 24/7 if he could. We also enjoy flipping through Dogist, one of our coffee table books filled with hundreds of adorable dogs. Obviously Opie is still the most handsome.

Does he have any treat recommendations? Asking for a friend…

He will literally eat anything. Before we had to be careful with what he ate because of allergies and he was obsessed with these chicken meatballs a friend gave us. At this point, we think it’s really just environmental so we should probably get him some more meatballs.

He also LOVES socks. Clean socks, dirty socks, any and all socks. If you leave them lying around, he will find them.

Meatballs and socks. Weird, thats what my friend enjoys too. What about your favorite place to read?

Now that it’s finally done snowing in New Hampshire I love to sit outside in a lounge chair while Opie runs around. 

Favorite genre?

All the thrillers.

Top five books right now!

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Unsub by Meg Gardiner

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

Ebooks, audiobooks, paperback or hardcover? Rank them for me.





Before I let you go, tell me one thing you’re currently obsessed with. Opie doesn’t count!

I think right now I’m most obsessed with collecting book sleeves. There are so many great prints and Etsy stores out there! I just can’t stop buying them. I actually just got a new one in the mail today… Is it possible to have too many book sleeves?


If you continue matching them to your books, then NO!!!

I hope you loved chatting with Lindsey as much as I do! She’s super sweet, and you guys saw that coffee table, right?! I mean… I need it. Remember to give her a follow (@readingbetweenthe__wines) along with a bunch of hearts, because that just makes Tuesdays better.

See you guys next week! Maybe there will be tacos!

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