Oh hello there. Is it Monday already?! Did you dream of stabbing books all week too? Maybe it’s because of this new candle, that I think is the new unofficial candle mascot of this feature, but I’ve been very excited to play this game today!

I chose the stabbiest books that I’ve read recently and loved. Which means I’ve also set myself up for heart break. Again. I suppose it’s the price one pays to stab books every week. *sigh* Alas, as the candle says, let the #stabstabstab commence!


Make Out: There are quite a few scandalous characters in this book, however, Miss Mia feels like the most scandalous of them all!

Marry: Oh Tric. The fierce boy who manages to be loyal and kind even while being a killer. He took my black heart!

Murder: There are so many questionable people to kill in this book, but Jessamine just makes me want to punch her in the face the most. So, #stabstabstab she goes!


Make Out: She’s feisty. She’s fiery. Definitely romping around with Eelyn.

Marry: I’ve always been fond of the strong silent types, who punch first and ask questions later. And Fiske is that kind of Viking.

Murder: I contemplated stabbing Iri, for… reasons. Along with The Tala. But, Thorpe deserves to be stabbed, repeatedly, and then a few times more for good measure.


Make Out: Elian is probably more the marrying type than the make out type, but I’m going to give his lips a whirl anyway!

Marry: I know… That vicious little siren Lira should probably be the fling. But the heart wants what it wants.

Murder: This one is pretty easy for me. Yukiko may be a good adversary, but she also gets stabbed in my version. Multiple times. You know the drill.

And, now for the impossible choice…


Murderous sirens? Vengeful pirates? Of course I’m getting frisky with this divine book!


Jay Kristoff had my heart from the moment I opened this book! I do!


Man, this is brutal! I loved this book, but war is war and books die. I’ll be over here crying if you need me…

Alright my stabby lovelies! We made it! Not all of us survived, but such is the stabby life. Tell me your thoughts! Who do you make out with? Who do you marry? And murder? Tell me all about the murder!!!

I’ll be back next week! What should I do next? Dystopian? Fantasy? Classics? Horror? What theme are you dying to stab???

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