#makeoutmarrymurdermonday with Book Lovers Coffee!!!

Even though today is Monday, I am super excited! Probably because I just spent the weekend with Shelly (@bookloverscoffee) at BookCon!!! I would rave more, but I’m actually writing this ahead of time, so I’m in the future right now. I’m sure it was spectacular and that we had a blast.

But! No matter the fun, no matter the mood, murder must happen. It’s basically the law at this point.

And since Shelly and I have been thick as thieves, without the thieving, we’re going to do a very special edition of #makeoutmarrymurdermonday!!! All photos are courtesy of Shelly, as are the book choices! We’ll both be playing this week.

So buckle up, sharpen your knives, and brew your poison, because IT’S TIME!!!


Okay, so I totally knew she was picking this book. I mean, if you follow her (which, by the way, you totally should), you’ll know her and Jamie Fraser are meant to be. Talk about #OTP πŸ–€

Alright Shell Bell, hit me!

Make Out: I’m making out with Young Ian

Marry: I can pick no one else in the world, that I would rather marry, than my heart, James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser….sigh πŸ’•

Murder: Oh, murdering Geilles Duncan

See… I told you πŸ˜‚Β Alright, my turn!

Make Out: Alright, because of later decisions, and really, outside of Jamie, there’s not a whole lot of men I’d like to swap spit with, I’ll throw Frank a bone.

Marry: I will admit that Jamie Fraser is quite dreamy. I’m with you on this marriage choice!

Murder: Generally, I try to avoid the obvious villain choices, but Captain Jack Randall is just vile. Don’t even care about future time consequences. Sorry Frank.


I’m so so excited she chose this book!!! Not just because she owns this stunning set that gives me ALL THE JEALOUSY!!! But, if there’s one series that has my heart, it’s True Blood!

Shells, you ready to be a FangBanger?

Make Out: Making out with Pam.

Marry: I’m marrying Eric because he’s the perfect bad boy and H to the O to the T!


OMG WE’RE TOTALLY TWINS!!!Β I stand by all these choices!!!


And, sticking with the theme of romances with dreamy men, I’m not surprised that A Court Of Thorns and Roses made it’s way to the list. Let’s do this.

Hit me, Shells.

Okay, let’s see….. This one is harder than I anticipated! I feel like I liked Lucian, and I could murder Amarantha, but that feels obvious. Although I certainly won’t be making out or marrying her. Maybe Nesta, she was annoying πŸ€”Β I think I have it!

Make Out: I’m making out with Lucian.

Marry: I’m going to marry Rhysand even though his name alone makes me want to kill him.

Murder: And, I’m going to murder Feyre.


You know, I think I enjoyed our conversation over which characters you want to murder MORE than I enjoyed the book πŸ˜‚Β Honestly, you present a good case, and I’m going to second your choices. As long as Feyre gets murdered, I’m fine with the rest πŸ˜‚

Wait! We’re not done yet! Now, for the books…












Shelly is getting very FangBanger with her make out choice. I’m opting for the Scottish excursion.












And now we’ve flipped! Is anyone surprised? NOPE!!! Although, I think Shelly might be the winner of most enthusiastic bride!












But we both agree. Sorry (not really) ACOTAR. You’re murdered.

Thanks for joining us today!!! Shelly and I had a total blast getting this together for you! I also loved having a partner in murder. Is there more takeovers in the future??? Stay tuned…

See you next week!!!


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