Is there anything better than coffee and murder on a Monday morning?! Nope! What IS better is having the day off!!!

Today is Memorial Day, for those of us living in the US. A day that a lot of us have off, but more importantly, it’s a day in which we remember those who have fallen in battle. I wanted to choose military books, but, it turns out, I don’t have a whole lot of those.

So instead, I chose books with fierce women warriors. Where things don’t exactly go as expected, or anything even close to what was expected. But, like true warriors, regardless of unexpected events, these women all fight with everything they have!

Let’s get fierce!!!


Make Out: Rebellious? Spunky? Yeah, Nomi seems like she’s up for a good session of locking lips.

Marry: Surprising twist, I’m going to marry Serina. Who knew?

Murder: Since this isn’t out yet, I won’t murder anyone spoilery, so Cassia, sorry babe. It had to be you.


Make Out: Who wouldn’t want to make out with a rebellious witch? Alex gets this love potion!

Marry: Oh sweet, loyal, Rishi. She wins my heart.

Murder: I’m giving Nova all that he deserves and not even feeling bad for it.


Make Out: Though he drives me crazy with his impulsive emotions, I’m going to use all that passion in my favor. Arin wins my lips today.

Marry: I’d be crazy to marry anyone but Kestrel.

Murder: I feel like his name alone warrants this decision, but Cheat gets the dagger today.


Making out with all things Cursed.


Marrying all the fierce and furious.


I’m really sorry about the murder on this one!

This was a tough week! I need to stop choosing all books I love. The murder is getting, well, murderous!

Let me know who you’d make out with, marry or murder in the comments.

See you next week for a very special edition! Did someone say, take over??? Oh wait, I just did. Can’t wait to share!!!

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