Tuesdays With Jena: Meet Krizelle!

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I’m taking a quick break from my Royal Wedding Obsession, to introduce you to my friend, and future co-ruler of the world, Krizelle!!!

She’s known in her Inner Circle as @cakefacereader over on the top secret world domination platform where we met. Some of you may know it as Instagram. I try to keep up with the nuances of the people, but world leader is a tough job guys!

Anyway, without further ado, please say hello and give a deep curtsy to:

Her Royal Majesty Krizelle of House CakeFace, Co-Queen of the World, First of Her Name, Crown Tamer, Slayer of Finals, KickAss Graduate, Designer of the Bookmarks, Eater of Ice Cream.


Krizelle and I met through Trissina’s Secret Santa Exchange last December. Needless to say, I sent her all the chocolate and almost immediately we recognized that we both had aspirations of taking over the world. What can I say? It was tyranny at first sight!

Since then she has quickly become one of my favorite people on the Gram. She is always so upbeat and positive. I dare you to watch her stories and NOT crack a smile at her energy and enthusiasm! I DARE YOU!!!

She also recently opened her own shop creating bookmarks and prints!


Aren’t they just gorgeous?! She has some incredible designs, including a Red Rising set that we all know I NEED IN MY LIFE!!! She runs insane sales and her prices are definitely affordable, even for the non-Royal customers. And of course, she has it on the propaganda machine under @cakeandpaintco. Be sure to get indoctrinated with awesomeness, I mean, give her page a follow.

Now, on to the Queen’s business…

When did you start your Bookstagram account?

This is actually my second attempt at bookstagram! I had tried to do an account in 2016 but totally forgot about it. Revamped it in late February of 2017 and here we are now!

Why do you bookstagram?

I started because I’m a huge dork and saw that it was a good way to keep up with new releases. I was really bad about those before. Never kept up with favorite authors or anything. I started to keep up with the publishing world but now I bookstagram to be a nerd with everyone and talk to all my fellow nerds!

Favorite bookstagram account?

Oh man. I love all of my friends’ accounts but that’s totally biased and I know it. It doesn’t mean it’s not true though!

I mean, as long as I’m on that list… Alright, let’s practice compromise. I’ve heard that’s a thing with ruling. What’s your favorite non-bookstagram account?

There’s this ice cream account that I follow. And it’s literally all these insanely gorgeous pictures of icecream! Like all the waffle cones and dripping chocolate and oh my your scoops are so round! Ugh it’s kind of unfair that there’s such beautiful icecream out there that I’m not eating.

You can’t give me all that and then NOT tell me what this glorious account is!!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

Okay….. But I warned you… Meet @icecream_gram


Theme or no theme?

I actually really like themes BUT I am all for someone posting whatever they want! Your account your rules right? Usually themes just help me recognize people though. I’m terrible at remembering handles.

What do you do when you’re not on the Internet?

This might be shocking…but I read when I’m not taking pictures of books or stalking instagram’s about books. Oh and I like to plot ways to take over the world. Totally normal.


I actually spend most of my free time reading but I’m also an artist! Now I’ve got a shop that I run but I like to say that I’m a pro doodler.

Another title to add to the list, Doodler of the Pro. What’s your favorite design?

My favorite bookmark design is Fuck Off. 


Photo by @notthepathtonarnia

And my favorite print is my Aska warrior from Sky In The Deep.


Photo by @anovelescape

Favorite place to read?

The couch in my library. It’s soooo fluffy and has tons of pillows!

I totally see what you mean. I’d never leave that couch if I were you!


Favorite genre?

Fantasy hands down!

Top five books right now!

Strange the Dreamer, Ember in the Ashes, Ella Enchanted, Percy Jackson, Six of Crows, and A Darker Shade of Magic. You had to know I’d do more than five!

Book boyfriends? For or against?



FINE!!! Kell from ADSOM!!!

What book represents your life?

Recently I read Children of Blood and Bone. And I had never really connected with a book the way I did with this one. CBB’s main characters go through so much because of their skin color and it was just crazy to see some of the stuff that’s happened in my own real world happen in my fantasy book you know? The story line is amazing but CBB means so much more to me because we also get tastes of real world problems in a fantasy setting.

Favorite reading snack?

None! Can’t risk making my books dirty haha!

Fair enough! BTW, I’m also adding pirate to the list of titles!


I personally think that she is going to be a fantastic Queen of the World! Be sure to give her account all the hearts and tell her your favorite ice cream. It’s never a bad idea to gain favor, you know.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Krizelle! Stay tuned next week for our next awesome account!

Want to be featured? Follow me on Instagram @jenabrownwrites and send me a DM! Talk to you all next week!!!

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