#makeoutmarrymurdermonday – Jane Austen Edition

Stabby Monday to you all! My fascinator has arrived which means Iyla and I are one step closer to ROYAL WEDDING MANIA!!!

When it comes to Britain and British Romance, in my humble American opinion, there really isn’t anything MORE fitting, than Jane Austen. In her novels we get to know the British Aristocracy, the struggles of single women, and the charms of British men. I can’t be the only person who thinks that every British man is a combination of Orlando Bloom, Tom Hardy and Mr. Darcy, right?! RIGHT?!!??!?

Okay, let’s not get side-tracked dreaming of British men. We’ll be stuck on this introduction ALL DAMN DAY!!!

Austen. Romance. Royal Wedding!!!

So, to celebrate the love of Prince Harry’s life, let’s have our own romantic misadventures Austen style! Ours, of course, has just a tiny dash of murder. Strap on your hat and sip your tea, because here we go!


Make Out: Even though he’s a scoundrel, I’m making out with John Willoughby. What can I say, scoundrels make for good scandal.

Marry: While there are a few contenders, sensitive and sensible Edward Ferrars can woo me all day, every day, any day.

Murder: In a serious toss up between Lucy Steele and Fanny Dashwood, I think I’m going Fanny all the way. She’s just awful, isn’t she?


Make Out: Of all the characters in this book, Louisa Musgrove seems the most adventurous and fun.

Marry: Totally marrying Captain Frederick Wentworth. He’s patient, kind, and just came into money! Just kidding. I love him for his character, I swear.

Murder: Totally killing Anne’s dad, Sir Walter Idiot, I mean Elliot.


Make Out: Wickham is spineless and Bingley would probably blush throughout the entire session, so let’s be super scandalous and choose Lizzie Bennett for this one!

Marry: Mr. Darcy. Come on! Who in their right mind doesn’t marry this delicious man?!

Murder: Caroline Bingley. She’s conniving, stuck up, and seriously intolerable.



There’s nothing more Sensible than a solid make out sesh.


If anyone marries anyone except Mr. Darcy, there’s going to be a whole lot of murdering happening!


It took some Persuasion, but alas, there will be at least one murder today.

Well, I’m off! The Royal Wedding is in less than a week, and I don’t even know if I can handle it!!! Is anyone else watching this amazing event??? I feel like we need a Facebook hangout group or something.

I hope you enjoyed my very British Austen Edition! Tell me if you agree or disagree!!!

See you guys next week when we will officially welcome Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex (add a bunch of other titles and honorifics here) to the Royal Clan!!! We’re definitely going to need more tea for that!

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