5 Unique Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

If you’re active in the book community on any social media platform, you’ve likely heard the many voices in the industry urging you to shop early for your holiday book gifts. If you haven’t, the TLDR is this: there are major supply chain issues.

(If you want to read more on this and why you should get your shopping done early, check out this article.)

Alright. Now that we’re all brushed up on supply chain logistics and how global we really are, let’s get to the fun stuff. Shopping.

Coming up with gifts for bookworms should be easy, right?

Yeah, no. Not so much. Ask any avid reader what their favorite book is and watch as they collapse into a ball of stress and tears. Same if you try and figure out their favorite fandom. Sometimes even their favorite genre. Yes, hello, mood readers are a thing.

Luckily, I minored in shopping in college, so finding fun and unique items is my superpower. I’ve compiled some of my favorite things for you. Hopefully they spark some ideas and make shopping a little easier this holiday season.

Up first: TEA!

Chances are if you know someone who loves book, they likely enjoy tea. It’s not a sure-fire guarantee, so you may want to activate your detective skills and ask first. But even if they aren’t a huge tea fan, if you pop over to Riddle’s Tea Shoppe, you’ll find a lot more than just tea. They have enamel pins, coasters, mugs, and yes, a lot of tea.

One of my favorite things about this shop is that their products are not only delicious, but extremely bookstagrammable. They have teas by genre with detailed labels and everything is hand-crafted. Is tea actually magic? Riddle’s Tea Shoppe says yes.

What else do readers need? Journals and planners and notebooks, OH MY!

If you’ve ever interrupted someone reading, you know exactly how important their reading time is. And tracking their TBR’s (that’s to-be-read, if you’re not in the know) can be a full-time job. Not to mention, how tricky it is to find one inclusive planner that lets you journal and track your reading and organize your calendar.

Enter the Bullet Journal.

The Bullet Journal––or BuJo for short––has been around for a while. Designed as a mindfulness technique disguised as a productivity tool, it allows you to create a planner/journal that is uniquely you. Whether you’re buying for a beginning or a hard-core BuJo believer, this website offers a multitude of options to jumpstart or enhance every Bullet Journal experience.

One of my favorite websites in the entire world is Uncommon Goods. If you’re looking for unique gifts to make someone feels incredibly special, this website is for you.

The have personalized picture books, customizable birthday books, tea tins in the metallic shape of books. There’s book puzzles, book games, customizable book candles, book mugs, book socks. I mean, you name it, they have it.

Even better. Their team searches the globe for sustainable, thought-provoking, unique items and bring them together in one website for you. And because they donate to incredible charities and causes with every order, they’ve donated over $2.5 million dollars to nonprofits all over the world.

Some of us love books so much, we literally are dying to wear them. The options here are almost endless, but three of my favorite places in terms of quality, uniqueness, and just plain book nerdy are Out of Print, Litographs, and Storiarts.

First, Out of Print. I absolutely love their vintage book and movie cover shirts. They are super soft and super cool. Plus, they have everything from Sesame Street to Star Wars to Jane Austin to Vonnegut to Disney. Their socks are awesome and their totes are durable and cute. Plus, they have mugs, face masks, and winter gear in a multitude of styles.

Next up, Litographs. These designs will seriously make any book lover release the breath they didn’t realize they were holding. I mean, come on. Shirts with an entire novel woven into a design?! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. They have home decor, puzzles, posters, blankets, shower curtains! You can even create your own custom designs with any text, which is absolutely perfect for the indie author in your life.

Finally, we have Storiarts. These designs are in the same vein as Litographs, in that they use text in their designs. But rather than print the entire novel, they select powerful quotes or epic poems and weave them onto clothing that is so buttery soft, they are a must-have for any cozy reading session. They also have pillows, blankets, headbands, writing gloves, and more.

I’ll admit that I’m new to the audiobook game. And there are a ton of options out there. But one of my newest discoveries is Audiobooks.com.

With most audiobook sites, you pay a membership fee and get a certain amount of credits each month. What’s different about Audiobooks.com is that they offer access to more than just credit titles each month. Each VIP subscription gives you access to magazines, news, podcasts, and more.

But what I am obsessed with is their Audiobooks Clubs.

Instead of simply getting your credit titles, you can choose to join one of their book clubs and get unlimited reading access to all the titles in that club that month. And you can change the club or if you want to just straight up pick a title every month. For someone who flies through audiobooks and binges genres, this is an incredible deal.

And that’s it! I know, I know. I could go on and on and on. There are a million gifts and websites and products out in the world today. But these are some of my favorites. I hope they spark some ideas and give you inspiration, either for gifts or even yourself. Santa doesn’t care if you add a few for yourself. Promise.

Let men now if you’ve ever shopped at any of these places and what you thought. What are some of your favorite unique book lover gift ideas???

And if you liked this, let me know! Maybe I’ll do it again.

Until then, I hope you get all the books!

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