It’s Tuesday in the longest January of all time. But do I have a magical wish for you! Turn The Page Tours sent a copy of Glimpsed my way, and man, was it ever the exact thing I needed to get through this last week.

Meet Charity. She’s a teenage fairy godmother and happily ever afters are her thing. She loves them. She grants them. She will do anything to keep making them happen. But when she glimpses Vibha becoming homecoming queen and makes it happen, everything goes wrong. Like off the rails, threat level red disaster wrong.

It doesn’t help that she’s being blackmailed by Noah, a theoretical physics nerd with a closet full of cosplay and an obsession with Star Trek. He knows who she is and what she does. Convinced she’s doing more harm than good, he wants her to stop with her meddling ways. After she helps undo one of her happily ever afters that took his girl away from him, of course.

The more she helps Noah, the worse things get. Doubt creeps in and somehow Noah goes from enemy to friend to something more? Following up with each of her Cindies, Charity starts to realize happily ever after is far more complicated than she ever dreamed. Which sucks. Because if she can’t grant anyone else a happily ever after, then there’s no hope for her.

Anyone who knows me, knows romcoms are rarely my thing. But when one crawls under my skin and makes me swoon, I’m going to scream about it from the top of my lungs.

There are quite a few things about Glimpsed that makes it unique, in my very biased opinion. First, it takes the formula most romance books follow and adds some very hilarious twists. I mean, the meet cute involved a pepper spray showdown guys. A PEPPER SPRAY SHOWDOWN!!! It was glorious and messy and made me snort laugh the entire time.

And that’s one of the things that’s fabulous about Glimpsed. It’s messy. And hilarious. But so fucking relatable because of that combo.

Charity sucker punched her way into my heart from the start. She’s a fairy godmother, so you gotta love that. And she’s relentless when it comes to granting the happily ever after she glimpses the perfect future from a Cindy. That’s what she calls her wish makers. Her Cindies.

There are quite a few references to fairy tales, which, I mean, you should sort of expect. But it isn’t exactly what you’d expect at all. And I’m not going to explain because spoilers. Just know that I thought the way fairy tales were woven into the story but also had nothing to do with the story was super smart, and very well done, and outside of the glimpses nothing about this book felt magical except everything.

Because every detail was tied to a feeling or belief or thought that teens struggle with today. How to let someone see the real them instead of the person they think people want to see. In Charity’s case, she’s a fairy godmother so she believes she has to stay distant and aloof. She makes dreams come true but doesn’t think she has the power to write her own happily ever after. And how many teens believe the same thing? I’m betting a lot.

And speaking of happily ever after…

Yes, this is a book about happily ever afters. Except, you guessed it. It isn’t. From the second Noah steps in with his demands, he challenges Charity’s understanding of what a happily ever after is. And man, do I think it’s awesome. Because here’s the thing. Happiness is complicated. And getting what you want, even what you need, is also complicated. And I love that Miller talks about this head on.

Nothing in life is one dimensional. Being who we truly are or going after what we want isn’t always easy. Sometimes it has downside to it, or isn’t what we thought it would be. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It just means that rarely in life are things what we think. There’s a hefty dose of careful what you wish for, but it isn’t black or white, all or nothing.

Charity glimpses very specific future wishes. She sees them with such clarity that she believes this is the one moment that will send her Cindies on the trajectory of a happily ever after. She’s never questioned them or thought about what happily ever after could even mean when your one true wish comes true at fifteen. I think it’s important in so many contexts for teens. That High School isn’t the end all, be all of life. That dreams come in many forms and happiness does too. That what we want isn’t always what we need. The messaging is so spot on and so good it makes me scream.

I also adore Noah. He challenges Charity in all the best ways. On the surface, it’s to question being a fairy godmother. But he does it in subtle ways too, like when he tells her she sees popular through her own biases. He encourages her to grow which I love. And, it’s nice to see a smart nerd be confident and outgoing. He isn’t afraid to be himself and that means even admitting when he’s wrong.

In all, Glimpsed is the laugh out loud book we all need right now. It’s wholesome and sweet but the threads of how to face our fears and create a healthy reality are a force to be reckoned with. It’s endearing and hilarious and if I’m just repeating myself it’s because I’m just that in love with it. Go grab a copy today! Or enter the giveaway below. Or both! Why not? After all, dreams do (sort of) come true (when we put in the work 😉).

Thank you Turn The Page Tours and Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy and including me on this tour!

Be sure to check out the rest of the tour stops for more reviews, favorite quotes, author interviews, and more. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Perfect for fans of Geekerella and Jenn Bennett, this charming, sparkly rom-com follows a wish-granting teen forced to question if she’s really doing good—and if she has the power to make her own dreams come true.

Charity is a fairy godmother. She doesn’t wear a poofy dress or go around waving a wand, but she does make sure the deepest desires of the student population at Jack London High School come true. And she knows what they want even better than they do because she can glimpse their perfect futures.

But when Charity fulfills a glimpse that gets Vibha crowned homecoming queen, it ends in disaster. Suddenly, every wish Charity has ever granted is called into question. Has she really been helping people? Where do these glimpses come from, anyway? What if she’s not getting the whole picture?Making this existential crisis way worse is Noah—the adorkable and (in Charity’s opinion) diabolical ex of one of her past clients—who blames her for sabotaging his prom plans and claims her interventions are doing more harm than good. He demands that she stop granting wishes and help him get his girl back. At first, Charity has no choice but to play along. But soon, Noah becomes an unexpected ally in getting to the bottom of the glimpses. Before long, Charity dares to call him her friend…and even starts to wish he were something more. But can the fairy godmother ever get the happily ever after?

G.F. Miller absolutely insists on a happy ending. Everything else is negotiable. Her wish is to go everywhere—and when a plane ticket isn’t available, books fill the gaps. She cries at all the wrong times. She makes faces at herself in the mirror. She believes in the Oxford comma. And she’s always here for a dance party.

No. But we did promise a giveaway!

For this tour, we have THREE (3) separate giveaways! Up for grabs, we have ONE (1) signed copy of Glimpsed by G.F. Miller (available to US only), TWO (2) EXCLUSIVE chapters from Noah’s POV, and a Skype or Zoom visit with the author (both available to INTL)! This will run from January 19th to January 26th at 11:59 PM CST. To enter this giveaway, click the link below!

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