Fall Writing Frenzy: No Escape

We’ve officially entered my favorite month of the year, and what better way to celebrate than with a spooky writing challenge?

Of course, not every entry in the Fall Writing Frenzy is spooky. The categories cover all levels of kid lit, from picture books to YA, and can be prose or poem.

And because each story is inspired by a select group of photos curated by the Fall Frenzy team, the real fun is seeing how a small group of images can blossom into endless stories. Be sure to check out the photos here and the other entries here.

This is my first time entering, but I had a ton of fun. First choosing the photo, then writing a story in less than 200 words. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

No Escape

(199 words/YA)

The trees blur as I run. The rhythmic crunch of dead leaves keeps an erratic beat punctuated only by my gasping breath. 

Fragmented memories puncture my focus and I stumble to the ground. Laughing faces glimmering in firelight. A flash of silver before a sickly-sweet liquid sticks in my throat but warms my insides.

The forest is heavy with an eerie silence. No birds chirp, no squirrels chitter. But no footsteps pound behind me either.

My mouth is tainted with the bitter metallic residue of adrenaline. A sledgehammer rioting a single word in my chest. Why why why.

I force myself to stand, brushing dirt off my palms as I walk. Torn jeans, dirt encrusted nails. Empty pockets and ratty hair. The light is fading, and I have more questions than answers. I swallow my panic.

Up ahead light flickers, the orange glow dancing through the pine needles. Laughter and the murmur of voices floats in the air. 

A girl emerges from the trees. “Are you lost?”

I flinch, fists clutched, muscles taut. She smiles and I let loose a shaky breath.

“We can help,” she says. “Come join us by the fire.”

She holds out a silver flask.

7 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy: No Escape

  1. Oooh. Way to circle a story! Your thought-provoking and haunting tale gives me all THE SEVEN DEATHS OF EVELYN HARDCASTLE feels! @AnneLipton


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