Did Someone Say Alchemy & Phoenix Horses???

Ashlords – Review

Some things I have come to expect from Scott Reintgen:

  • A sharp voice
  • Stunning world building
  • Stellar action
  • Kick-ass diverse characters

Things he delivered in his newest book, Ashlords:


This review may sound like an adventure in fangirling, and you know what? It is. And I’m not even sorry about it. The morning I opened my email with the link for Ashlords, no joke, I squealed. The experience did not diminish from there.

First, this cover makes me drool. I want a phoenix horse, like, today, in real life, can I order one on Amazon, k thanks bye. It’s gorgeous! Dark and flaming and seriously it is absolute perfection.

But the world. Oh my dark delights, this world is INSANE!!!

Phoenix horses that rise from the ashes is merely the start. Riders have to be proficient in alchemy, bringing the same horse back, but with alterations. Perhaps a stronger stamina, or fierce armor. There are any number of components to create a myriad of rebirths, each unique to what the rider wants to accomplish during their ride. I mean, WHAT??!?!!?

“She looks plain as sand. But that’s the beauty of alchemy and phoenixes: they’re like an ace hidden up a sleeve, magical if you know how to make the trick work.”

And the creativity Reintgen pours into this book doesn’t stop with the world, or the story. He plays around with narration, giving us one perspective in a captivating second person point of view. Honestly, it may be one of my favorite characters. Being kept at arms length while also racing with them, I’m hooked. So hooked.

The world of the Ashlords explores the concept of corruption and power. Told through three different perspectives, we get an incredible depth to how this world is viewed and experienced depending on what group of people you belong to. This is an enormous world, and yet, somehow I felt fully immersed within the first few chapters. Reintgen does an amazing job bringing this complex society to life.

So we have magic. ✅ Captivating voice. ✅ Intriguing characters. ✅ Exquisite world building. ✅ Did I mention the rebellion??? Oh yes, there’s a rebellion brewing. And it all depends on the outcome of The Races.

Basically this book has all my favorite things. And while I can rave about it, for HOURS, I also don’t want to give any of this wild ride away. Especially since this adventure doesn’t even spring into action until January. JANUARY!!! I can’t even. All I know is, I am dying for all of you to meet my sweet baby Bastien, because he is LIFE!!!

“Bloodshed is knocking at the door, and Bastien looks excited.”

I mean, for real? How is he NOT written for me??!?!

Anyway. Get ready for more from me in the upcoming months. Perhaps there’s an interview. Maybe there’s some character fun. I guess we’ll all have to just wait and see!

In the meantime, order yourself a copy of this divine book so you can obsess over all the things with me. It comes out January 21, 2020 at all your favorite retailers.

Thank you Crown Books for sending me an advance copy via Netgalley!

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