All Our Broken Pieces – Review + GIVEAWAY

“Every so often, something happens that’s so surreal, something inside of you changes. Closeness with a stranger becomes a sacrificial moment where, in a blink, in a breath, you lose a piece of yourself to them. Forever altered, an exchange of damaged, spliced shards of soul.

Can you believe it’s almost JUNE!?!?? But if I had to pick a better book to feature for the last week of May, which is also Mental Health Awareness month, I don’t think I could. The awesome curators at Rockstar Book Tours sent me this AMAZING read, and guys, it’s so freaking good!

“I’m left with nobody but myself, and sometimes that’s the scariest company of all.”

Lennon and Kyler both have scars. It’s just that one wears them on the outside, and one on the inside. When they first see each other, it’s in glimpses from across the street, when Lennon first moves in next door. But as they grow closer, the question of scars, and if they can heal, is a question they both have to face if they want to move forward.

All Our Broken Pieces is such a powerful and intense read. Lennon struggles with OCD. But this struggle is unlike anything I’ve ever read. Not only did Crichton take us deep into Lennon’s mind, she also managed to bring to light the various ways OCD can impact people. The range and insight into this disorder is stunning, and so beautifully written that the information never takes the reader out of the story.

Speaking of beautiful writing… holy shitballs is this book a masterpiece. It is downright lyrical prose and a serious delight to read. Kyler is a musician, and his lyrics are written throughout his chapters, but the music doesn’t stop with his lyrics, or his chapters. This entire book is literary music, written to sing while you read, with sentences that will make readers stop and reread just to relish in the gorgeous construction of a delicious sentence.

“My scars are invisible, buried deep inside, guarded by the monster in my head.”

I’m not usually one for romance. But this isn’t merely a story about a boy and a girl falling in love. This is about two teenagers and their struggle with their demons, who happen to also fall in love. It’s about recognizing when passion can turn to tragedy, and being willing to face the difficult choices required to take the healthier path, both in life and relationships.

The thing I love the most about this book, is that the focus is on making themselves whole and healthy because that is what they need in order to be happy together. Yes, they want to be together. They feel that they push to be their better selves when they’re together. But, they also know they need that for themselves. It’s a fine distinction, and one I feel romance rarely gets right, but one that is so vital to healthy boundaries and self-esteem. I absolutely love that it’s drawn out so well in Kyler and Lennon’s story.

All Our Broken Pieces is a journey. It’s a story that sweeps you in, and doesn’t let go. The prose is beautiful and the characters are vivid. I think it’s a book that teaches while it entertains, and, in my opinion, those are the best kind. It has depth and emotion, but is tender and heartwarming. Not all tragic stories have to be tragedies, and this book is one spectacular example of how to accomplish that.

Thank you Rockstar Book Tours and Disney-Hyperion for sending me a copy and including me on this blog tour!

Be sure to check out the rest of the tour, and enter to win a finished copy. All Our Broken Pieces is available now, check out the links below.

“You can’t keep two people who are meant to be together apart for long…”

Lennon Davis doesn’t believe in much, but she does believe in the security of the number five. If she flicks the bedroom light switch five times, maybe her new L.A. school won’t suck. But that doesn’t feel right, so she flicks the switch again. And again. Ten more flicks of the switch and maybe her new step family will accept her. Twenty-five more flicks and maybe she won’t cause any more of her loved ones to die. Fifty times more and then she can finally go to sleep.

Kyler Benton witnesses this pattern of lights from the safety of his treehouse in the yard next door. It is only there, hidden from the unwanted stares of his peers, that Kyler can fill his notebooks with lyrics that reveal the true scars of the boy behind the oversized hoodies and caustic humor. But Kyler finds that descriptions of blonde hair, sad eyes, and tapping fingers are beginning to fill the pages of his notebooks. Lennon, the lonely girl next door his father has warned him about, infiltrates his mind. Even though he has enough to deal with without Lennon’s rumored tragic past in his life, Kyler can’t help but want to know the truth about his new muse.


Author: L.D. Crichton

Pub. Date: May 7, 2019

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Formats: Hardcover, eBook

Pages: 416

Find it: GoodreadsAmazonKindleB&NiBooksKoboTBD

L.D. Crichton is the author of THE ENCHANTMENT OF EMMA FLETCHER, which received a starred review from School Library Journal. She’s a coffee devotee and lip gloss enthusiast whose infatuation with music is truly astonishing. If she’s not reading, writing, or checking her horoscope for signs from the Universe, you can find her by the water in search of mermaids because they’re real. ALL OUR BROKEN PIECES is her first young adult novel. Represented by John Silbersack @ The Bent Agency. ​

She is one of 6 hosts for a weekly Twitter chat about writing. Search the hashtag #Wattpad4 Monday nights at 8:00 PM EST on Twitter to join in! 

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads

3 winners will receive a finished copy of ALL OUR BROKEN PIECES, US Only.

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