Tuesdays With Jena: Meet Paige!

How is everyone so far this week??? We didn’t stab any characters yesterday and tomorrow is a holiday. It’s a strange week! But, it’s all good strangeness since we had the honor of kicking off that epic blog tour, and who complains about a holiday, really?!

So today’s post is just the thing to get this awesome holiday party started! She’s a burst of sunshine in your feed, and is always helping promote pages and events over on the ‘gram. I’m also convinced she’s definitely magically inclined.

Without further ado, please give a warm holiday welcome to @popthebutterfly, otherwise known in the magical world as Paige!


I met Paige through Trissina. A few months ago, they hosted a reading challenge together, #totalcoverlover, and of course, I had to participate! Paige hosted chats, and did giveaways, and gave their readathon ten thousand percent. Obviously I had to follow her!

Since then, I have become quite fond of her outdoor themed photos and love when she speaks her mind on books in her stories. Her cheerful enthusiasm is contagious! She reps for some awesome bookish companies, and is constantly making an effort to make a positive impact on the bookstagram world. Pretty magical, right?!

Paige is also one busy lady! She just moved and is already back up and posting. I’m pretty sure she’s using magic, and not photoshop, but let’s not send the Ministry of Magic to her new house quite yet.

If you missed their #totalcoverlover event, HAVE NO FEAR!!! Paige is hosting another readathon THIS WEEKEND!!! You read that right! This weekend! Go to her page and find this post:


For all the details!!! She is giving away some epic prizes, including a City Of Ghosts ARC! WHAT??!?!!?!? I told you, she’s awesome!

Grab your TBR and let’s get chatting!

When did you start your Bookstagram account?

January 06, 2017! I actually had it as a personal account before I turned it into a bookstagram, but I never updated it lol.

Why do you bookstagram?

When I started it I was in a bad place. I was depressed from moving to a new state and being away from my family for the first time in my life and books were the only thing that comforted me. My husband had got me a few Owlcrate boxes and they had a photo challenge in one that I decided to join, which is where I saw people posting photos of books and talking about them. So I revamped my instagram into a bookstagram and started posting as well.

Favorite bookstagram account?

Ohhh geez I love a ton of them! I’m really digging





@elliebeth_bennett at the moment.

Favorite non bookstagram account?

I have a secret fascination/obsession with @bythebooks’ cat Dobby. He’s so derpy he’s adorable!!! So I follow his instagram @dobbins.cat


Theme or no theme?

Theme although I just broke mine!! I love themes and I think they’re super pretty.

Do you have a favorite photo on your account?


Why is it your favorite?

I love that candle and that sleeve and they go amazingly well with that book. I also miss that porch because it was my favorite place to shoot pictures. I could frame them so well there. Alas someone has moved into that apartment so I can’t use it anymore.

What do you do when you’re not on the Internet? 

Reading, sleeping, cleaning (I clean everyday. It’s an obsession), or working. Bleh.


Besides reading? Lol I like to write. Like really like it. But I have to be in the mood for it, which has been off and on for me lately.

Where is your favorite place to read?

In my bed or in this old ratty chair in our den.

Favorite genre?

DYSTOPIAN and END OF THE WORLD! I love books with grim and dark and depressing stories. Also I like to pretend that I’m preparing for these events by reading about them.


We all do that with dystopian, don’t we?! Okay, top five books right now!

Sky in the Deep

Sleep, Merel Sleep

The Hazel Wood

The Monsters of Selkirk


Ebooks, audiobooks, paperback or hardcover? Rank them for me.

Hardcover is forever my bae. I love them and their resilience.

Number 2 is audiobooks. I recently was in a car accident and I get a bit panicky behind the wheel. Audiobooks help me focus and calm down while driving.

Number 3 is ebooks. 

Number 4 is paperback. I don’t like how breakable and easily damaged they are. It’s really annoying to be honest lol.

Let’s dish. Book boyfriends? For or against?

Against. I don’t fangirl a lot (except for Mackenzi Lee) and I just don’t see the point in them.

What book represents your life?

Probably Just Listen. I didn’t have a sick sister or anything, but I connected really well with the main character because she didn’t really have someone to lend her an ear until the very end. I feel that way a lot in my life around my family. They’re very loud and boisterous. I have a speech impediment and talking out loud is really hard for me sometimes. It feels like I can’t get what I want to say out correctly and when I do it incorrectly someone makes fun of me. I feel like I only really have my husband to talk to a lot because he connects the pieces of my word puzzle better than anyone.

Do you have a blog?

YES! It’s popthebutterfly.wordpress.com. I post reviews, blog tours, book box reviews, and my writings on there.

When did you start blogging?

Oh geez, probably a couple of weeks after I started Bookstagram. I did it to post reviews because I didn’t have enough character limits on instagram to do so at the time.

Sometimes our opinions CANNOT be limited!!! What’s your favorite blog post?

Probably my Zenith blog post. I had a lot of fun letting loose on that book and not caring about what people thought about my views on it (spoiler alert: I didn’t like it).


What are some of your favorite blogs?




I follow a ton of blogs but I only really have time to read those.

Give me your favorite reading snack?

Grapes and Quaker Oats chocolate peanut butter chewy dipped granola bars lol. 

Before I let you go, what else do you do besides blogging?

I make videos on my YouTube channel (https://tinyurl.com/y89nyfsv ) and promote authors daily on @indie_blog_hop with my friends. I also help promote some smaller bookstagram posts on @bookstagram_all_stars. You can get featured using #bookstagramallstar! And I help run a bookstagrammer discord page!

Talk about BUSY!!! See why she needs her magic?!


Please don’t forget to stop by her page, @popthebutterfly, and send some hearts her way! I hope you enjoyed chatting with Paige as much as I did. Let me know if you’re joining her readathon!!!

Want to be featured? Follow me on Instagram, @jenabrownwrites and send me a DM.

See you next week!!!

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