It’s stabby Monday!!! Again! I have to admit, I look forward to Monday far more than I used to. I don’t know what that says about me, except stabbing characters gets me through the week. Don’t judge!!!

This week marks the end of June, which feels insane! As June is Pride Month, I thought our final edition should be played with books that have diverse characters. I loved not just that these books have a diverse cast of characters, but that they included both gay characters and gender fluid characters. AND! They were all seriously kick ass! Which makes me love them all the more 🖤

Once again, I have chosen books that I love, because apparently I like to stab myself in the heart. 🔪🖤 Let’s commence with the #stabstabstab


Make Out: Sassy and full of murder. Ruby just screams a good time, doesn’t he?!

Marry: Elise has it all. Looks, brains, and a spine of steel! Who wouldn’t want to marry her?

Murder: Erland Winter. It’s a code name, so no spoilers here, but murder is his fate this bright Monday!


Make Out: Sultry. Smart. Full of secrets. Oh, Basra, I bet you’d be a fantastic time in the kissing department.

Marry: Yes he’s sort of aggravating in a princely sort of way. But, I’ll take Nev to the space alter this week.

Murder: Even though he thinks he means well, Eton and his constant questioning just got on my nerves. Space stabbing for the win!


Make Out: Sometimes a slow sweet kissing session is all a girl needs. And Jesper seems like the sweetest sharpshooter to do that with.

Marry: I’d like to make out with Kaz, but let’s face it, he’d spend the entire time running around screaming not to touch him. Marriage it is.

Murder: Ugh! There are a few people murder worthy. But let’s make sure Pekka Rollins gets exactly what’s coming to him, and stab him to death!

Now comes the hard part…


All those masks. All those shadows. This book just screams midnight rendezvous.


They had my heart at heist.


I don’t want to. I really enjoyed all the space shenanigans, but someone has to be sacrificed.

Thanks for joining be on this stabby Monday! Tell me below who you’d pick. And, if you want to see specific books, or genres, tell me in the comments! See you next week!


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