Devouring the latest Paper Obscura box

Oh hey there! Is that a skeleton on your porch or….

I know! It’s not Halloween, and that’s the only month when taking skeletons out of our closets is acceptable. BUT this month’s theme demanded Mr. Bones come out to play!

This is the second month for this awesome box, Paper Obscura! And was this a fun one! Well, fun, as in a touch morbid, but I lean a touch towards the macabre, so, you know, FUN!

I feel like saying SPOILERS at this point, is not necessary, but I’m a responsible social media person. So: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!

As with their last box, the shops chosen for this box are chosen because of their relevant location from the featured book. We begin this journey in Springfield, Illinois. Where thousands of hopeful families left everything they knew in search of a brighter future West…


This is the first major clue, Serious Lip Balm, featuring Donner’s Good Sh*t. I’m pretty sure Mr. Bones is well beyond the healing power of this delicious lip balm and lip scrub, so you’ll have to take my word at how amazing it is!

Founded in 2014, this company was created entirely by accident. Their goal is World Lip Balm Domination, and seriously, who can’t throw some serious props for that?! On their site, you’ll find over 50 flavors to choose from! They offer everything from balms and scrubs, to bundles and other sh*t. They really do have something for everyone.

If all of that isn’t incentive enough to check them out, they have an employee profile and email for their dog. I mean, I’m pretty sure that means you’re legally obligated to love them now! Give them some love on Instagram @seriouslipbalm or hop over to their website and send Lula an email!

Our next stop takes us to Salt Lake City, Utah…


Of all the items useful on a wagon train across the Wild Frontier, a bandana was probably one of the must-haves on any travelers list. If only Mr. Bones had one before he met his end. I don’t think he’ll mind when I steal this for some desert adventures of my own.

The name Neuer Geist comes from a German phrase, which makes this company doubly appropriate for this box, since many settlers heading West hailed from all over Europe. Taken from a phrase that means “new spirit in old walls”, their dedication to keeping creativity alive in every client project definitely shines through.

This awesome bandana, “War is Hell Art is Real”, shows all it’s rugged authenticity while staying true to who they are as a brand. It’s simple yet effective; fashionable yet useful. Grab yours, or any of the other items in their shop today! Take a look at their shop and be sure to give them some love on Instagram @neuergeist.

Our final destination is one that not every traveler made it to: Sacramento, California…


If there’s one thing Mr. Bones DOES need, it’s a tote bag. It’s very hard to carry anything when you’re literally composed of nothing but bones! Luckily, Zen Threads has him (and you) covered! I also feel that their message is eerily fitting for Mr. Bones, since seeing a skeleton on the porch with a tote bag probably feels weird to anyone except me.

This California shop took their love of art, design, and vintage t-shirts and combined them into a business. Their small family of artists and screen printers all work hard to ensure that you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience and leave with an item that’s as unique as you are.

Even better, each item is eco-friendly using entirely green processes. Their items are soft on your skin, and soft of the earth. You have to love that! Give them some hearts on Instagram @zenthreads and check out their amazing selection at

So far we know that this box starts in Springfield, stopped in Salt Lake, and ends in Sacramento. It involves traveling West. Any ideas on the book???


If you read my review, this was probably an easy guess. The one benefit to having your ribs showing is they make handy page holders! Mr. Bones could have benefitted from this recipe for Hard Tack sooner though. Like the unlucky travelers in this book, he learned about the importance of being prepared too little too late.

The Hunger by Alma Katsu takes the tragic journey of the Donner Party and gives it a terrifying new supernatural twist. We all know how this story ended, but what if we got the details all wrong? What if there was an evil lurking amongst them, waiting for the right time to strike? What if evil really is everywhere?

Be sure to check out my joint review with Tracy (@thepagesinbetween) on The Obscurist!  And join us for our #wickedreadalong chat on this book, April 14 on my page @jenabrownwrites and April 28 on Tracy’s page.


Wasn’t their March box incredible?! I have some good news and bad news….

The bad news is April is already SOLD OUT! Holy smokes was that fast! BUT… The good news, is that there’s still time to grab May. Don’t forget WICKEDJENA gives you a wicked discount. Grab you’re today

Can’t wait to share next month’s box with you!

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