Paper Obscura – Your New Obsession

If you’ve been on #bookstagram for any period of time, you’re familiar with subscription boxes already. Instead of another YA box, there’s a new box focusing on murdery, twisty reads with location themed boxes featuring small businesses.

Welcome Paper Obscura!

Okay, so there are a few really cool things about this box! This is probably a good time to say SPOILER ALERT!!! I’m going to go through the first box EVER from Paper Obscura, so if you’ve ordered and want to be surprised STOP READING!!!


The first amazing thing that I think makes this box REALLY unique is that each box features a setting. On the spoiler card you get a map showing the locations of each vendor and a location for where the book is set. I mean, how freaking cool is that?!


I’ve subscribed to many a book box in the last year. And I have to say, I’ve never had one focus the theme on the featured books location. I am incredibly intrigued to watch how this theme follows for so many reasons. The biggest is being introduced to new shops and products in such a unique way. I have a feeling it will make the reading experience and subsequent use of each item, a touch more special with this added detail! Not to mention, their focus is also on supporting small businesses and artists. I think my icy heart might be melting!



Oh, hello gorgeous…

Can we all just stop a moment and appreciate the serious dark humor of this beauty??? Of all the themed candles I own or have shopped, none have made my little black heart quite so happy as this one! Sociopath?! The Apathy Collection?! “Distinctive and unpredictable, like a true textbook sociopath”?! It’s like they stumbled into my dark subconscious to find what I really needed in my life. AND THEN GAVE IT TO ME!!!

This beauty is made by Grizzly, located in Brooklyn, New York. Want natural candles made with sustainable products where fun is the focus with a capital F??? Yeah, me too. I’m so happy to meet this candle and will be buying more in the future! Find them on Instagram @grizzly_bk or their website, just click to go to their page.

Did I mention it smells fantastic with a capital F? Because it does.


You had me at stabby…

I think we can all agree that blood dripping knives are the perfect accessory to complete any outfit.

Designed by Brookpyn located in New York, NY, each pin starts as a sketch and is then digitized. Pop culture icons and jokes may come and go, but these enamel pins will last forever. Want fun and fashionable with an item that doubles as social commentary on pivotal issues? Brookpyn has you covered!

Give them a visit on Instagram @brookpyn or their website I know I already have my eye on a few!


Don’t cry little monster…

40 pages of art by artist Dylan Balliett will entertain your inner monster. Bonus points if you look through it while burning your Sociopath candle. For appropriate atmosphere.

Dylan Balliett is an artist and a musician, currently located in New York, NY. Life as a monster isn’t always as glamorous as we think. This little art book is cute and fun with an added dash of sad and a twist of disgusting. Monsters would have it no other way.

You can find out more about his art and music by visiting his Instagram @dylanballiett or his website


The Wife by Alafair Burke is one of the books I’ve been looking forward to! The cover is simply stunning, and the premise so dark it’s delicious.

At the heart of this novel is the question: How far will a woman go to protect the man she loves? Will she let him drag her down? Exploring topics like media obsession, celebrity worship and technology dependency, this novel sounds like it’s going to be full of sociopaths, monsters and bleeding knives! I can’t wait!!!

You can buy the book here or visit her website


Like I said, a lot of really cool items tied together in a thoughtful, unique way. I am very impressed and looking forward to March’s box!

What’s that? You want a hint?

“Bold, unsettling, and atmospheric — March’s featured, wicked read delivers a haunted reimagining of a mysterious tragedy in the American West.”

I can’t wait to see what book that is! And what items will be featured!

Visit Paper Obscura on their Instagram @paperobscura or their website and sign up! Be sure to use the code WICKEDJENA for a discount!

Thank you Bryan for sending me a box to review! I loved it and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with in future boxes!

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