Love of written words is my deepest passion. I find it endlessly fascinating how 26 letters can create an infinite array of worlds. And within those worlds, each reader finds a unique story.

My love of reading began when I was young. Four years old according to the lore of my mother. Getting lost in fantasy worlds has been part of my ongoing reality ever since. Some early favorites were The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, and The Last Unicorn. I later graduated to the dark and creepy worlds of Stephen King––and by later I mean around eleven or so. So if you need a paragraph that sums me up, this is probably it.

Being a young reader, I was not immune to the writing bug. Yes, I have still have several of these. Yes, they will remain buried in the time capsule that was me. No one wants that kind of humiliation out in the world, and by no one, I mean me.

So, while I dreamed of becoming a reclusive and eccentric writer, when I entered the academic halls of University life, I pursued a dual degree in Behavioral Psychology and Political Science instead. I mean, talk about dark and haunting, right?! Graduation then led to the only career path that makes sense for those two majors: consulting for an international convenience store chain.

Alas, the glamorous lifestyle of this career caught up to me. Slinging Slurpees is very high-profile, and I craved returning to my introverted ways. Turns out, observing humans in the retail world was an endless treasure trove of stories. And thus, the writing began…

And oh, how delicious it has been!

These days, I thrive in the dark and twisted worlds of speculative fiction. I’ve queried my manuscript, Anger Like Fire, and am in the midst of revisions for my next round. Set in a corrupt world where crony-capitalism is the only political ideology allowed, Kip searches for freedom, Shahi for power, and Nahar for justice. But the Union only values credits and the Underground the same, forcing them all to put a price on who they are.

And, if you are curious about those weird convenience store stories, well, I’m currently drafting a story where my main character works graveyard in one. It’s a scif-fi twist on vampires with a dark underworld thriving beneath the glitz and greed of Las Vegas. Sexy, right?!

Anyway, I’m exceedingly proud of the words and am floored at how far I’ve come in the last few years. To see more, check out my Accomplishments Page.

Welcome to my adventure through the clouds and into the stars.

Per Aspera Ad Astra