Love of written words is my deepest passion. I find it endlessly fascinating how 26 letters can create an infinite array of worlds. And within those worlds, each reader finds a unique story.

While I’ve always wanted to write, I actually pursued a dual degree in Behavioral Psychology and Political Science. Which then led to the only career path that makes sense for those two majors: consulting for an international convenience store chain. Alas, the glamorous lifestyle of this career caught up to me, and I had to revert my introverted self into my OTP. Writing.

Turns out, observing humans in the retail world was an endless treasure trove of stories. So, I wrote a book about it.

But, romcom life was not for me. Instead, I pushed my creativity into the dark and twisted world of speculative science fiction. And oh, how delicious it has been! Don’t worry, there’s more convenience store stories in the works. They’re just going to involve vampires, and political intrigue, and a much darker underworld of Las Vegas. Sexy, right?!

Right now, I have one novel out for queries! (Cue the anxiety, mixed with excitement, topped with existential dread… I know, I’m dramatic //shrugs shoulders\\) However that query goes, I’m exceedingly proud of the words and am floored at how far I’ve come in the last few years. To see more, check out my Accomplishments Page.

Welcome to my adventure through the clouds and into the stars.

Per Aspera Ad Astra